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Overview of Septal Ablation

Septal ablation is a treatment for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy — an inherited condition where the septum, which separates the right and left ventricles, becomes thick and obstructs blood flow out of the heart. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy may be associated with arrhythmias and require medications or a defibrillator to prevent dangerous rhythm disturbances of the heart. When the thickened septum obstructs blood flow out of the heart, patients may experience shortness of breath and markedly diminished exercise ability.

The small area of the septum that obstructs blood flow may be restored to normal thickness with either a catheter based procedure or surgery. During the catheter-based procedure, a small balloon is passed from the femoral artery to the artery which supplies blood to the abnormal septal tissue. The balloon is inflated within this artery to isolate it from the healthy surrounding tissue and a small volume of alcohol is injected into the abnormal tissue which causes cell death and thinning of the thickened (hypertrophied) muscle.

Patient Instructions

Patients will receive specific instructions from the Heart Valve and Structural Heart Disease Program. You may also want to review the patient instructions from the cardiovascular (CV) cath lab, where you procedure will take place, for details on pre-registration and arrival time.

Where Do I Go?

Septal ablation is performed in a special procedure room in the CV Cath Lab. On the day of your procedure, you need to come to Intermountain Medical Center – building 4 (Sorenson Heart & Lung Center). After entering the main doors, follow the signs to Patient Registration on the first floor. We will check you in and take you to a room in our Cardiac Procedure and Recovery Unit. Here you will be prepared for your procedure and you will meet with your doctor. When it is time for your procedure, you will be taken to the procedure room.

If you have questions please call us: 801-507-4701.

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