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Doctors who specialize in cardiology (cardiologists) focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and medical management of heart disease. Some cardiologists receive additional training and become more specialized in certain areas (see below).

Interventional Cardiology

Doctors who specialize in interventional cardiology are cardiologists who are trained to perform procedures in the catheterization lab.


Doctors who specialize in electrophysiology focus on the treatment of arrhythmia. They are trained to perform heart rhythm procedures such as pacemaker implantation and ablation.

Heart Failure and Transplant

Doctors who specialize in heart failure and transplant are cardiologists who focus on the medical management of patients with heart failure. They are experts in caring for patients before and after heart transplant or the implantation of a left ventricular assist device.

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Doctors who specialize in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery (also called cardiothoracic surgery) focus on surgery of the heart, aorta, lungs, and chest cavity. They are trained in both open heart surgeries and less invasive surgeries that require smaller incisions.

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