Intermountain Heart Institute at Intermountain Medical Center

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  • To improve our understanding of the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease
  • To discover improved ways to predict, detect, treat, and cure cardiovascular disease
  • To apply new knowledge to clinical practice to shape prevention and treatment solutions individualized to each unique patient

Our physicians believe that research is an integral part of our clinical service that allows us to improve outcomes, determine best medical practice, and provide the most advanced therapies to our patients. Our research program was developed over 30 years ago to assist physicians in offering cutting-edge treatment and gain a more complete understanding of heart disease.

Our team of physicians, coordinators, epidemiologists, and regulatory specialists is currently working on over 100 individual research projects, each aimed at understanding, preventing and/or treating heart disease. We have developed a national reputation for conducting quality research and developing innovative approaches to improving healthcare delivery.

We participate in multicenter clinical trials.  Our physicians develop and test their own research ideas. And, we conduct an extensive amount of work in our laboratory to better understand how heart disease develops and progresses.

Studying Early Detection

In many, heart disease is a silent killer. The first noticeable symptom may be a fatal heart attack. Our physicians and scientists are working diligently to develop innovative ways to detect heart disease before patients have symptoms. Much of our effort is focused on the development and use of new high-definition imaging and laboratory tests that allow us to detect the presence of life-threatening heart conditions sooner than ever before. Early detection means early treatment and more lives saved.

Our Patients

We greatly appreciate all the patients who have unselfishly participated in our clinical trials. Through their help and the help of generous financial donors, we have been able to apply the knowledge gained from these studies to improve the care within our system and around the world.

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