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Temporary Heart Assist Devices

Our Artificial Heart Program offers life-saving temporary assist devices that support patients from several hours to several days. These devices are used if a patient’s heart is rapidly failing, if they need additional hemodynamic support (or blood flow) during a procedure in the heart catheterization lab, or if they suffer unforeseen complications from open heart surgery.  Temporary assist devices can be implanted in the catheterization lab in 30 minutes or less.

Impella (Abiomed)

Illustration of Impella device The Impella device is a small, minimally invasive cardiac assist device that can be inserted in the catheterization lab. The Impella pump is located at the tip of a catheter that is advanced across the patient’s aortic valve. Blood is withdrawn from the patient’s left ventricle and delivered to the patient’s aorta, the largest artery in the human body.

CARDIOHELP Life Support System

The CARDIOHELP Life Support System is an external blood pump that supports the function of the heart and/or lungs by continuously pumping some of the patient's blood out of the body to an oxygenator (artificial lung). This device adds oxygen to the blood, removes carbon dioxide and then warms the blood before it is returned to the patient. CARDIOHELP can be used in the Operating Room, or in emergency situations at the bedside.

Temporary Centrifugal VADs

Illustration of Temporary Centrifugal VADTemporary centrifugal ventricular assist devices are external blood pumps connected to the patient’s heart and vessels by cannulae. These systems can be used to support either the left, right or both sides of the heart. They can also be used along with an oxygenator to support both the patient’s heart and lungs – a therapy called cardiopulmonary support.

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