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By participating in clinical trials and independent research, our programs actively contribute to providing the best medical and surgical care. Past heart failure trials at our center have investigated medical therapy, pacemakers/defibrillators, and mechanical circulatory support (ventricular assist devices and artificial heart technology).

Heart Failure Research

Currently, our center is one of eight national centers chosen by the National Institutes of Health to participate in the Heart Failure Clinical Research Network. The network consists of eight hospitals that collaborate in running large-scale clinical trials across the United States. Current trials are designed to help answer important medical questions related to heart failure, including:

  • How to optimize diuretic use in hospitalized heart failure patients
  • How to best utilize ultrafiltration in select patients with volume overload
  • Whether or not sildenafil improves activity tolerance in heart failure patients

Heart Transplant Research

Since transplant medicine began in Utah, our team has contributed to the standard of care through extensive participation in immunosuppression clinical trials. Further collaboration with pathologists has led the program to be an international leader in understanding and classifying cardiac allograft rejection.

Artificial Heart & LVAD Research

In order to improve the quality of care for our patients, we have a dedicated team of engineers and researchers who study the medical care and outcomes of each LVAD and artificial heart patient. Results from this research have been instrumental in influencing the medical practice for patient care and improving artificial heart technology.

In addition to our own research, we have participated in over 15 clinical device (VAD) trials. Our program was the number one enrolling center for the REMATCH (Randomized Evaluation of Mechanical Assistance for the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure) Trial, which helped prove that LVAD therapy is superior to optimal medical therapy for treating end-stage/advanced heart failure patients.

Since the REMATCH trial, we have participated in several other studies, including the HeartMate II Bridge to Transplant and Destination Therapy Trials and the HeartWare Destination Therapy Trial.

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