Understanding Your Bill

You may receive more than one bill for the services you received for your care. If you go to the Neurosciences Institute located in the South Office Building - Building #1, you will receive one bill. If you receive care anywhere else at Intermountain Medical Center, then you'll receive two bills because you've received a hospital-based service:

  • One bill, for nursing services, testing, supplies and utilities, will come from the hospital and have a hospital account number.
  • The second bill is for the outpatient visit provided by your physician. This bill will come from Intermountain Healthcare’s Physician Billing Department. Two separate charges – for services provided by your physician and those associated with the Neuroscience Institutes – are consistent with Medicare and commercial insurance guidelines.

In some cases you may receive a bill(s) from non-Intermountain entities. These are usually physician bills from private practicing physicians who are associated with the Neurosciences Institute.

Billing And Financial Assistance Resources

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