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The areas of your lower back and neck are complex structures. Many different conditions can cause the pain you’re feeling.

Here is information about some of the main conditions that cause pain and discomfort:

    Degenerative Disc Disease

    When you have degenerative disc disease, the discs in your spine (intervertebral discs) are affected by wear and tear.

    Disc Herniation

    If the discs in your spine become damaged, the gel can leak out into the surrounding areas and cause inflammation, pain, and numbness.

    Facet Joint

    Like the other joints in your body, facet joints are subject to wear and tear.

    Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint)

    The sacroiliac joint is a common cause of pain in the lower back and buttock area.

    Spinal Stenosis

    ​When the open areas in your spine start to narrow because of age-related changes, it is called spinal stenosis.

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