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Palliative Care
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A palliative care consult in the hospital can support your care in all areas. The consult can take many forms, but in general you can expect the following:

  • Team-based approach. The team will include you and your family, your current doctor and care providers, and specialists in palliative care. Our Team lists some of the people who might be a part of your palliative care team.
  • Specialized knowledge and experience. Palliative care specialists can address the more complex problems that come with a serious illness. They serve as resources for the rest of the team, holding certifications and specialized, palliative care training.
  • Improved coordination and communication. A palliative care consult can help make your care — and your life — more organized and less confusing. For example, the team can help arrange a meeting time for you and your family to talk about any concerns you have about your illness and how it will impact your life.
  • Review and align your desires and goals of care with the available supportive treatment options.
  • Advance care planning. If the time comes when you’re not able to speak for yourself, having an advance directive in place makes sure your medical wishes are followed. A palliative care consult can help you set goals for your care, identify decision makers, and confirm your advance directives are part of your medical record.
  • Focus on quality of life in all areas. Your life is more than your medical problems or your treatment. From practical concerns to spiritual needs, your palliative care team can help you and your family feel less overwhelmed. You can focus on what’s most important to you during all stages of your care.

How to request a palliative care consult

After you’ve been admitted to the hospital, ask your care givers to set up a palliative care consult. The palliative care team is available daily, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be reached at: 801-408-6249. ​

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