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Labor & Delivery Pre Registration

When you have a baby at Intermountain Medical Center, you will get choices:

  • You can choose the kind of delivery you want or need. Whether it is laboring in a tub, walking, or delivering in the C-section surgery room, we try to follow your wishes.
  • You and your family will have spacious, homey, private rooms both during delivery and once you move to our maternity floor after delivery.
  • We have 18 delivery rooms divided into three units of six rooms each. Each unit has its own comfortable family waiting area with full-length windows and spectacular views. We also have four operating rooms with pass-through windows into the newborn ICU.
  • Sixty private maternity rooms and two well-baby nurseries are located on two levels of the center. Each room has beautiful views, private bathrooms, a flat-screen TV and a sofa for family members wishing to stay.
  • Most importantly, you have the back-up of one of America’s most advanced hospitals.
  • A high-level newborn intensive care unit is a door away. Specialists in advanced mother-baby medicine are on staff. The hospital also has the highest level of trauma services for both you and your new baby if needed.

Our doctors and nurses are experienced and compassionate

We know what to anticipate and what to do to get the best possible outcomes. Our physicians, midwives, nurses and all of our team know how to take care of new moms and their babies. We care for high- and low-risk patients both before and after birth. Some women require rest and monitoring before delivery, especially if they have multiple babies, preterm labor, or bleeding.
After delivery, new moms will rest and recover in their rooms while nurses come in to talk about the many things they’ll need to know such as baby care, breastfeeding, shaken baby syndrome, postpartum depression, taking care of yourself after the birth of your baby, vaccinations, and everything you will need to know at home when you leave.

You'll have faster, easier connections with your doctor and your nurse

All the features in the unit — communication systems, patient rooms, clinical technology, and the staff — are here to help you and your baby have a safe, happy experience and go home well-prepared to begin your lives together.

Watch the video below for a virutal tour of our facility.


Labor & Delivery Pre Registration

You can register for your visit in advance so that you won't have to worry about all the paperwork when you arrive to deliver your baby. Here's how:
  • Call Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Direct: (801) 387-7667
  • Toll-Free: 800-308-1988
  • Fax: (801) 387-7656
  • Or Pre Register online

Coming to the Hospital

What you should bring to the hospital:
  • Nightgown (front-opening styles are easier for breast-feeding)
  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Bras (nursing style if you plan to breast-feed your baby)
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Birth announcements, writing paper, and pen
  • Camera, film or memory card, and extra batteries
  • Clothes for you and your baby to wear home. For your baby, we suggest you bring a shirt, gown, receiving blanket, and a heavier blanket (depending on the weather.) For you, clothes that fit in mid-pregnancy are usually best.
What you shouldn't bring:
  • Any personal valuables, such as, jewelry, credit cards, or cash

Visiting Guidelines

While we welcome visitors, we have some guidelines in place to ensure the safety and privacy of our patients.

A Note About Early Inductions:

Artificially induced deliveries have become an accepted way to make childbirth fit busy personal schedules, but at Intermountain Healthcare we've found that babies induced at 38 weeks are twice as likely to end up in the NICU and five times as likely when induced at 37 weeks. That is why at Intermountain Medical Center, labor will not be induced prior to 39 weeks gestation unless medically necessary. It's part of our commitment to provide safe and efficient care for both mother and baby. Please read our elective induction fact sheet for more information. 
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