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Mammography & Breast Care Center
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The breast care center at Intermountain Medical Center is designed to deliver the best possible medical care in a private, comforting setting.
The Janice Beesley Hartvigsen Breast Care Center comprises two floors and 10,000 square feet in the hospital's women's center. The breast care center has its own entrance, reception area, and parking lot, which are designed to make access easy and increase privacy and comfort.

All mammograms are read by specially-trained breast radiologists whose practices are focused on breast care.

Using specialized breast radiologists increases the quality of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment; it's a key indicator of a top-quality breast care program. Practice makes perfect, which is very important in cancer care.

All mammography is digital.

Because all mammography is digital, it means images are better and clearer and they can be stored and transferred electronically instead of printed on film. The result is that the images are available instantaneously to the center's highly-trained radiologists and physicians located outside the center can access them easily or recall them later if necessary.
  • Digital technology presents the clearest image possible in breast imaging. Studies show that digital technology finds more cancers at earlier stages, when the probability of a cure is best. Intermountain Medical Center has two screening digital mammography machines and three diagnostic machines.
  • Digital mammographies are also faster. Digital mammography means women who have problems or concerns about breast health can be seen right away. In most cases staff can do an immediate biopsy and that takes away a lot of the wait and worry.
Please call (801) 507-7840 for more information, or visit our breast care services page.
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