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Newborn Intensive 
Care Unit
Intermountain Medical Center
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Intermountain Medical Center's newborn intensive care unit (NICU) offers advanced, high-tech care from specially-trained physicians and nurses to save the lives and improve the outcomes of babies born with complications throughout the Intermountain west.
The NICU offers incredible technology with a twist: privacy and quietness.
The NICU offers the most advanced level of newborn care available in the Intermountain region and some new features designed to make the unit more comfortable for moms, dads, and families.
The unit offers 48 bassinets connected to the latest neonatal technology, along with something else families will appreciate: privacy and quietness. Traditionally babies who require intensive care stay in one big room with a web of cables and cords connecting them to lifesaving equipment. The environment can be busy, loud, and crowded.
Intermountain Medical Center's 48 bassinets are located in 12 private or semi-private rooms organized in four small patient care units. For parents, this means more privacy with their little ones and a chance to bring in personal touches like photos or toys.
Privacy and quietness is better for babies as well. Babies who are sick and premature need quiet rest with minimal simulation to heal and grow like they would have in their mother's womb.

Other features available in the NICU:

  • Each room in the new NICU has a suspended double-armed boom that puts necessary equipment like monitors, computer, pumps, and ventilators close by when they're needed and out of the way when they're not. It also leaves the floor clear of cables and makes it easier and safer for parents and nurses to move about the baby.
  • NICU is a room away from the hospital's Labor & Delivery unit.
  • Two of the operating rooms in Labor and Delivery have pass-through windows that connect to four rooms in NICU. When a baby is born who needs special care, the baby can literally be passed through a window to the NICU. The hospital's neonatologists and NICU nurses are right there when they're needed.
  • The NICU is equipped with the latest in communication systems, which increases quietness and privacy in the unit. This allows the staff to monitor the baby's status and watch for clinical alerts.
  • The NICU has a parent lounge where moms and dads can rest, visit with other family members, or talk with parents of other babies, which typically enhances the coping process.
  • Each of the unit's four suites are designed and decorated to add warmth and personality to the unit and help reduce stress. Each suite has a unique theme. There's a farm, a cherry tree, the sky, and a pond.
We care for more than 1,000 babies and their families each year. The NICU offers the latest in technology and the best possible clinical care, housed in a setting that enhances healing for babies and everyone who loves them.
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