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Words of Appreciation

  • Jonni's experience in the E.R.

    We had our Father's Day dinner at my house this year, and su


    We had our Father's Day dinner at my house this year, and suddenly at dinner, my mom Donna, who worked in the Snack Bar here at LDS until it closed, began having some chest pains along with some difficultly breathing. My brother who is a dentist asked my mom if her arm was hurting. She said no, but suddenly she began to throw up. He decided he was going to take her to the ER up at the U. of U. I sternly said, NO - you will take her up to LDS.

    He brought her up here, and was helped very quickly and lovingly. My mother is usually a reluctant patient and was very nervous. But those who took care of her gave her great care. I don't know the names of the ER team, but I do know that my mom's longtime friend Carlos Vega in Endoscopy calmed her fears immediately when he walked in the room. She was so glad to see her friends; she said later that all her fears left her because she knew she would be taken care of by people she knew. She is just fine. No problems - apparently the problem was just my cooking. I love this hospital and the people who work here!

    Jonni - Emergency Room

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