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Blood Marrow Transplant For Referring Physicians

The Intermountain Bone Marrow Transplant program are available for consultation or questions regarding the care of a patient 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Referring physicians will receive weekly faxes summarizing the patient's condition or any significant change in the patient's condition while under the care of the Intermountain Bone Marrow Transplant program.

A transplant physician will communicate in writing and by phone when patients are ready to return back to their care prior to the patient leaving the care of the transplant team. If necessary, the transplant program may re-resume care of a patient that is having transplant related issues or complications.

Newly referred patients will be seen and a recommendation and plan will be verbalized to the patient on the day of this visit. Our finance coordinator will verify insurance and transplant specific benefits, which will be shared with the patient. Following this initial visit, which is strictly a sharing of information, the bone marrow transplant physician will contact the referring physician to discuss the plan.

The referring physician as well as the patient will receive a detailed written consult letter, which will outline the plans discussed. Following this initial visit, the bone marrow transplant coordinator will begin the process to achieve insurance authorization and take the necessary steps to prepare the patient and donors for the agreed upon plan.

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