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Bone marrow transplantation involves the replacement of stem cells following high dose chemotherapy and radiation. Stem cells are cells in the bone marrow that give rise to all blood cell types, including cells of the immune system (white cells), red blood cells and platelets. You and your bone marrow transplant physician will decide which type of transplant will be the best treatment option for you. More detailed information will be given to at the time of the initial consultation in the form of a transplant guidebook.

There are two main types of bone marrow or stem cell transplants: Allogeneic (a donor supplies the marrow or stem cells) and Autologous (the patient's own bone marrow or stem cells are used). A Syngeneic transplant is an allogeneic transplant of marrow or stem cells from an identical twin. The preparative regimen (chemotherapy and/or radiation) for an allogeneic transplant that is given prior to the stem cells being infused can be separated into Myeloablative (completely destroying the bone marrow cells) and Non-myeloablative (immunosuppressive).

Several factors determine what type of transplant you should have including:

  • Type of disease
  • Age
  • Overall health
  • Availability of a donor

The goal, regardless of the type of transplant a patient receives, is to destroy or suppress residual cancer cells and to allow a new blood system to take over and function normally within the body. The type of transplant you receive will also play a major role in the intensity of the transplant, complications, and length of stay in the Salt Lake City area.

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