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Gran Fondo Bike Tour

Where: Cache Valley, Utah
When: July 12, 2014 - Race starts at 7:00 AM

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Italian for BIG RIDE, the Cache Gran Fondo is a multi-distance ride designed for riders of different abilities. 100 and 50-mile options take riders through wide-open roads, challenging hill climbs, and well-stocked support stations. There are also opportunities to win GREAT prizes and have fun with other riders who are celebrating healthy lifestyles. 100% of proceeds will go to fund breast cancer screenings for the women of Cache Valley and the surrounding area.

Gran Fondo is an Italian word that means BIG RIDE. With feedback and input from hundreds of local and regional riders, we are introducing a new ride to northern Utah. The Cache Gran Fondo is a festival of cycling and community that allows riders of all ability to enjoy the atmosphere of mountain roads, scenic views, and clean open air.

Do you know a mother, a neighbor, an aunt, or a friend who has suffered from breast cancer?  Are you one of those women?  Each year more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Statistics show that women, aged 40 and older, who have a yearly mammogram are more likely to find and diagnose cancer at an early stage when treatments have a higher success rate.  That is why Logan Regional Hospital is teaming up with Cache Gran Fondo riders in order to help provide mammogram screenings to women in Cache Valley, regardless of their ability to pay. 

In 2012, the Cache Valley Gran Fondo combined some of the best parts of cycling: scenic views, great food, good music and riders of all ages and experience. In 2014, we will continue this tradition and will be cycling for a cause.  Please join us as we Ride 2 Save!