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Heart Services – Time is Muscle

"Last year, my husband had a heart attack.  After excellent emergency intervention at Logan Regional Hospital, he was sent by ambulance to McKay-Dee for treatment.  Had we been able to stay at Logan Regional all the way through this experience and have the stent put in immediately, he most likely would not have had any heart damage.  He does have some damage because his heart did go without oxygen for a period of time.  If we had interventional cardiology services here that would also have greatly relieved the emotional impart that this situation had on my children.” - Verlyne Harris

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Through the generous donations of board members, physicians, employees, volunteers and community members, we have reached our $400,000 fundraising goal. Thanks goes to all who recognized this important need in Cache Valley, and came together to make it possible for individuals to receive interventional heart procedures close to home. Hundreds of community residents and members of the hospital family celebrated the launch of Interventional Heart Services at Logan Regional Hospital this spring.

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