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Virtual Giving Tree aims to fill needs in Pediatric Rehab

This holiday season the Logan Regional Hospital Foundation is hosting a Virtual Giving Tree to raise funds for items to benefit the young patients at Logan Regional Pediatric Rehabilitation.
The Virtual Giving Tree includes equipment we call “toys” (with photos, descriptions and costs) that will be used in physical and occupational therapy at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center. Items range in cost from $15 to $5000.
“We realize that some of the requested items are quite expensive,” said Christina Roberts, Foundation specialist. “Please know that you may make a dollar donation toward any of the items without having to contribute the entire purchase price. A gift of $100, $25 or any other amount helps Logan Regional Hospital Foundation further our mission of Bringing Healing Home.”
A mother’s perspective
Barb Pugmire, mother of Pediatric Rehabilitation patient Conner Pugmire, has experienced firsthand the impact the Pediatric Rehabilitation program can make.
“When the doctor said that Conner would never be able to walk or talk, my first thought was that I would never hear my sweet little child’s voice say, ‘Mom, I love you,’” said Barb. “But because of the dedicated, caring staff at Logan Regional Pediatric Rehabilitation, Conner not only walks and talks now, but argues with his sister and danced at his school’s prom. With Logan Regional’s help, Conner continues to make remarkable strides academically and physically.”
Conner has cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that greatly affects his balance and coordination. “The staff at Peds Rehab has a special place in my family’s heart and always will,” said Barb. “I deeply appreciate the support they provide my family; the team takes care of Conner as if he were their own. Nothing makes us happier than knowing Conner is being loved.
“Conner looks forward to every Tuesday when he goes to physical and occupational therapy sessions before attending scouts. Having vital pediatric therapy services in Cache Valley eliminates the burden of having a three- or four-hour round-trip drive for an hour of therapy. For children with disabilities, traveling in the car for extended lengths of time is physically uncomfortable and emotionally difficult. Having Peds Rehab locally prevents me from missing work and Conner from missing scouts.”
Children with special needs like Conner require specialized equipment to help them achieve freedom and independence. This equipment is often expensive.
“It costs a lot of money to raise a child with special needs,” said Barb. “As with all children, they quickly outgrow shoes and toys. Conner requires specialized shoes and walkers. Therapists go above and beyond to reduce these costs by reusing equipment that has been outgrown or by adapting Conner’s walkers with parts from discarded walkers. When these options are not available, Logan Regional Hospital Foundation provides funding to purchase items to be used during therapy. If you can, I urge you to make a difference in the life a child like Conner by donating today.”
To witness more of the miracles performed by Pediatric Rehabilitation, watch the video below.