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Cancer Services
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To ensure each cancer patient is the focus of the treatment plan, we employ a unique team approach to care. Treatment plans aren’t developed in a vacuum, but rather with specialists from multiple disciplines. This allows cancer specialists to work together to employ the best technology, experience and treatment options.

The specialists who are part of the cancer treatment team hold cancer conferences to strategize and individualize treatment. Each specialist brings his or her expertise and experience to the table. This team’s focused approach provides the best chance of survival while minimizing side effects and financial burden.

At Logan Regional Hospital, we also provide an American Cancer Center Patient Navigator to guide patients through the difficult emotional trials of treatment. The Navigator gives the patient access to support groups, financial assistance and cancer education. Questions can be asked through the cancer education center, the patient navigator or any other member of the treatment team.

Each individual’s health is the ultimate concern of our cancer treatment team. We work together to use the most advanced technology, skilled doctors and caring support staff to ensure the best outcome.

For answer to questions about the cancer treatment program and the team approach at the Logan Regional Hospital Cancer Center, call (435) 716-6400.

    Cancer Conference

    A Cancer Conference is when treating specialists, technicians and healthcare professionals meet together to discuss each new cancer patient individually, along with their proposed treatment plans.

    Cancer Committee

    As part of being a Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer, we have created a board of oncologists, technicians and healthcare specialists called a cancer committee. Our Logan Regional Hospital cancer committee strives to constantly improve the program as a whole.

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