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The Logan Regional Hospital Cancer Center offers resources to help each cancer survivor recover completely. This includes exercise rehabilitation, support groups, counseling, the American Cancer Society Patient Navigator Program, and nutrition classes. These specialties work together to provide you with the best care through treatment and recovery. 


Proper nutrition is a big part of beating cancer.  At Logan Regional Hospital, we offer nutrition services to help our patients stay as healthy and comfortable as possible through treatment and recovery. Many cancer patients face malnutrition during treatment so it is important to start treatment with good nutrition habits.  After cancer treatment, an individual may notice a significant weight decrease or increase.  Maintaining good nutrition habits will help the body get back to normal and prevent cancer reoccurrence.   Our dietitians create individualized nutrition plans for patients for during and after treatment.  

If you have any questions about nutrition before, during or after cancer treatment, please call our Cancer Specialist Dietitians at (435) 716-5329.

Cancer and Exercise

How should I exercise during cancer treatment?  What does research tell us about exercise during and after cancer treatment?  How can exercise help me prevent cancer from coming back?  When can I go back to my normal gym routine?  These are some of the questions discussed at the twice a month informal talk and question/answer hour with a physical therapist at Logan Regional Hospital.  These FREE informal talks are held at the Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Center Education Center.

For dates and times of these FREE classes, call Logan Regional Hospital Physical Therapy Department at  435-716-5011.

After finishing treatment, all cancer patients can schedule an appointment for a physical evaluation with our certified physical therapists.  This evaluation includes testing strength, flexibility, balance, and any specific problems with muscles and joints.  Come and learn how exercise can improve your quality of life after cancer.  Get started on an exercise program.  Insurance is billed for the physical therapy visits.  If you do not have insurance or do not have coverage for physical therapy, we can assist you in applying for financial aid.  After an exercise program is established, and you can perform it independently, you are welcome to enjoy the use of the physical therapy gym at scheduled times for FREE up to 12 visits. 

For more information or to set up an appointment, call the Logan Regional Hospital Physical Therapy Department at 435-716-5011.

Lymphedema Treatment and Post-Breast Cancer Surgery Assessment 

Lymphedema is a buildup of fluid containing cellular waste.  Left untreated, lymphedema causes swelling, pain, and limits mobility of the arm or leg. Cancer patients are at risk for lymphedema if they have received surgery or radiation therapy that has removed lymph nodes or damaged lymph vessels. Logan Regional Hospital offers a special program for women after breast cancer surgery.  This program includes education about lymphedema and an evaluation of shoulder flexibility, strength, and baseline measurements of both arms by a certified lymphedema specialist.  The lymphedema specialist is trained to measure and fit patients with a compression sleeve, which can be used to help prevent and/or treat lymphedema.  For all cancer patients, lymphedema treatment is offered at Logan Regional Hospital by the certified lymphedema therapist.  Treatments are generally covered by insurance companies. 

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call Logan Regional Hospital Physical Therapy Department at 435-716-5011.

 Emotional Support

Depression and emotional distress often accompanies a diagnosis of cancer, and that can even continue past treatment. Luckily, there are multiple resources to help a person get through this difficult time. Logan Regional Hospital Cancer Center provides a Free Cancer Support Group for patients and their family members. This support group is directed by licensed master's level social workers.  It covers many topics that cancer patients find difficult to cope with on their own.

We also have an American Cancer Society Patient Navigator to connect patients and family members with community resources and support groups

There are also several internet resources available. These include:

For questions about Cancer Support Groups or the American Cancer Society Patient Navigator, please call (435) 716-6400.

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