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Our Mission

The McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation’s mission is to support McKay-Dee Hospital by providing resources to meet community needs, ensuring the availability of quality healthcare today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

The hallmark of our foundation is to be good stewards of donor funds - fulfilling the donor’s desire to make the greatest impact with their resources by helping us provide exceptional equipment, programs and education that enhance McKay-Dee Hospital’s high standard of healthcare and community wellness.

About the Foundation

In 1910, Annie Taylor Dee, a dedicated woman whose misfortune was the catalyst for bringing quality healthcare to the community of Ogden, saw to it that others would not suffer as she did.  Both her husband and son died due to lack of adequate healthcare.  With her determined spirit and the help of the charitable desires of others, they brought a top-rated hospital and services to our community.  In 1915, a partnership was formed when the LDS Church joined the Dee family by offering financial backing through ecumenical philanthropy.
1969 McKay Dee HospitalIn 1969, the doors were opened to a new hospital in the Ogden community.  LDS Church President David O. McKay along with the Dee family became the namesakes of the new hospital, the McKay-Dee Hospital Center.  In that same year, the McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation was established.  Working tirelessly to ensure the success of the hospital and the health of the community, the foundation continues to fulfill the vision started so long ago by Annie Taylor Dee. 
The McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation exists for the purpose of providing resources to McKay-Dee Hospital to enhance patient care and community services.  Following in the generous and philanthropic footsteps of Annie Taylor Dee, community donors have come together throughout the years, donating nearly fifty-million dollars to make sure we have state-of-the-art facilities to receive the most up-to-date health care available.  Since its beginnings, the McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation has raised funds for hospital equipment, programs and services, special projects and education.  
These are just a few highlights of the donations gifted to the hospital by community supporters:
    • The New McKay-Dee Hospital – In March 2002, the community of Ogden was blessed for a third time with a new hospital complete with state-of-the-art equipment, services and enhancements.  Community donors and hospital employees gave over $16 million for the new hospital building and capital equipment. 
    • Children’s Health Connection – In conjunction with the Junior League and McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation, the Hospital hosts this two-day event that serves inner city Ogden children and helps them prepare for school free of charge.  The children receive vision and hearing screenings, medical checkups, dental examinations, vaccinations, a book bag, and haircuts from cosmetology students. 
    • Developmental Screening Program - This important program is vital to infants who must overcome challenges faced because of early birth complications or other conditions developed during gestation – such as cerebral palsy, autism, gross and fine motor delays, or vision and hearing loss.
    • New Equipment – Ever changing technology requires new equipment.  Babies require the safe and healing environment created by infant warmers to aid in the growth process.  Leading-edge rehabilitation equipment helps to promote quicker healing for patients in trauma situations as they learn how to walk, talk, and function again.  Critical to cancer treatment, the Linear Accelerator pin points the treatment of tumors without radiating unaffected areas.  The generous support of donors has helped us serve the needs of our community by funding state-of-the-art medical equipment.     
    • Education – Thanks to generous donors that provide funding to further education needs at the hospital, clinicians receive training and attend conferences that keep them up-to-date on the latest advances in healthcare.
    • Cancer Support Programs – Our nationally acclaimed breast cancer program, cancer support groups, cancer screenings, and state-of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment aid in the journey of healing taken by cancer patients. 

For over 43 years, our generous supporters have helped the foundation fund needed medical equipment, community programs, services and clinical trainings at McKay-Dee Hospital.
What We Fund
Learn more about what we fund and how to give by visiting our ways to give pages.

Special Events
The Foundation holds special events throughout the year.  Proceeds from these events help with medical training, cancer and heart patients.  Visit our event page to learn more.  

Ways to Give
There are many way to give to the Foundation.  We accept cash gifts, memorials and honorariums, planned gifts, stock and securities, and in-kind gifts.

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