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How Can I Express my Gratitude to a McKay-Dee Hospital Caregiver?

Recognize them as a Guardian Angel!

Your caregivers play an important role in your healing by providing a high standard of care.  Share your story and take a moment to recognize your special Guardian Angel.  This person can be a physician, nurse, housekeeper or any McKay-Dee Hospital employee who you feel has lifted your spirit and touched your life. 

You may also make a charitable donation to the foundation in honor of your Guardian Angel.  Your expression of appreciation will serve to validate the reason caregivers have chosen their profession, which is to help others and make a difference.  A commemorative lapel pin will be sent to your Guardian Angel to proudly wear as a gesture of your recognition and a constant reminder of their dedication. 

Stories of Appreciation

Brown’s Angel Watch Experience

My family and I would like to nominate the Intermountain Angel Watch Bereavement Program for this year KI Gives Back. Words cannot express what they have done for my family and I. Here is our story:

In November of 2012 my wife and I found we were expecting our third baby. We were overjoyed. In December of 2012 we found out we were having twins, what a pleasant shock that was. We started preparing ourselves for twins. At the end of January 2013 we went in for a routine 14 week checkup. During the ultrasound our doctor was unusually quite.

She told us something was wrong and she needed to have another doctor come and have a look. As soon as she left the room my wife and I knew there was something really wrong with our babies. The doctor came back with and ultrasound technician to have a look. It was then that we were told we were having conjoined twins who shared a heart. Then came the worlds no parent wants to hear, your babies are not compatible with life. Sharing only one heart greatly affected their ability to survive.

We were then send to a pathologist to confirm their findings. The next day we met with the pathologist, he confirmed we were having conjoined twin girls and that they would not last much longer. Our doctor had called the Angle Watch team to apprise them of our situation. Suzy, with Angle Watch, called my wife and we found out that they are like Hospice for terminal pregnancies.

Suzy and Amelia met with us at our house. They and their program are absolutely amazing; I have no idea what we would have done without them. They gave us so much helpful information, the let us talk about what we were feeling, cry, and rage at the world. They let us know what to expect, what our options were after the girls were born, etc. They encouraged us to see and hold our daughters and take all the time we needed to say goodbye when the time came.

They encouraged us to bond with our girls, write to them, talk to them, and involved them and our other two children in our daily activities. Even though we were not going to have them for long did not mean that they had not and would not impact the rest of our lives. We made so many memories those last few weeks. On February 13, 2013 we went in for our weekly ultrasound and found that the girls had passed away. They scheduled us for a c-section that evening.

The first people we called were Suzy and Amelia. They both worked at the hospital where we were going. Suzy met us as soon as we got the hospital; she helped us get settled in the delivery room. Soon Amelia was there to stay with us; she talked with us about our fears and anxieties. On February 13th, 2013 at 6:12pm our daughters Abigail Alene and Windland Mariew Brown were born weighing 2.8 ounces and were 4 ½ inches long.

Ameila made arrangements to have the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation come in and take pictures as soon as we were out of surgery. We will cherish those pictures forever. Soon after the photographer left the Utah State Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group came to see us. The girls were too fragile to put clothes on so they put them into a little wrap, gave them each a bracelet that they still wear, and took molds of their hands and feet as a keepsake for us. Amelia brought us a treasure box to put our “treasures” of the girls in; also it was something my wife could carry out of the hospital.

Ameila stayed with us until midnight when we were ready to be moved to a regular room. She had arranged for us to have our very own nurse that night just in case we needed anything at all. We kept the girls with us until the next morning when it was time to take them to the mortuary.

Ameila and Suzy were back the next morning to check on us and see how we were doing. On February 18, 2013 we buried our girls. Suzy and Ameila met with us a few times after that, and have stayed in contact with us to this day. We still receive information from the Angel Watch Program to help us with milestones, and make sure we are surviving.

As part of the Angle Watch Program they will take the blanket your baby was wrapped in at birth and make a hand stitched “Winnie Bear” as a keepsake for you to hold and remember your angel. We did this and we received two hand stitched bears that are connected at the hand to represent our daughters. They will be with us in all our family photos.

My wife and I will forever be in debt to the Angle Watch program for everything they have done for us and our family. We were shown so much kindness and guidance through our grief that I do not think we could ever begin to make up for it.

Sierra's Experience in Labor & Delivery

I would like to recognize Geri Stratford my labor and delivery nurse. I felt like I had known her my entire life. She made me feel so comfortable and she explained everything to me. Geri walked me through every step, easing my fears so when my baby was born, I was not frightened. I have the bookmark and wanted to let you know that she is my “Guardian Angel.”

Bob's Experience in the Hospital

Danielle Bonenes was my CNA. She loves her job and it shows. We had some long talks and she kept my diet coke filled all the time. Even when she wasn’t coming into my room but going to help someone else, she would pop her head in and say hello, and ask how I was doing. She made me feel like I was the favorite-special. My wife has been a nurse and taught nursing at Weber State University. Danielle gets it and will be a great nurse someday.

Patricia's Experience in the Hospital

When I came to the hospital I was very sick. I was having trouble breathing. X-rays showed something and I was not sure if it was cancer or pneumonia. I was very upset thinking it may be cancer. My CNA, Christina came into my room and listened to me. I asked her to pray with me. She did. Every time she had a break she would stop by and check on me. My daughter came from New Mexico to be with me. She used every bit of money that she had to bring her and my two grandsons up to see me in the hospital. When they got here they were hungry but had no money left. I did not have any food in my apartment either. Christiania took my daughter and her two sons down to the cafeteria and bought them dinner. She paid for this out of her own pocket. She is my Guardian Angel - watching out for me and my grandkids.

Guardian Angels