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At McKay-Dee Hospital, our donors make difference! 

Our donors purchase life-saving equipment, provide funding for continuing education for our clinicians so that they can stay on top of the ever changing treatment options, and make it possible for families to stay at the Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home.

Through their generous financial support and by the example they set for others, our donors are literally the backbone of our foundation. 


Words of Appreciation​

Crocheting for a Cause

Back in April of 2011, I started an online crochet business to raise money for various charitable causes.  I have raised $1,000 that I would like to donate to the Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home that is located on the hospital property.  I have had several close family members stay at the guest home while their loved ones were receiving treatment and care at the hospital, and so this is my way of saying thank you.  Knowing that they were able to stay at a comfortable location near the hospital relieved so much stress for all parties involved.  (This is my story). 

My Journey for Adalyn....

My name is Chelsea, and I'm a 25 year-old enjoying life up near the North Pole. Back in December of 2010 I became a mother to an adorable little dude who most definitely keeps me on my toes. It's partially thanks to him that I have really picked up crocheting again. It's a great hobby to keep myself occupied while he's napping, or if I need something to help me unwind after a looooong day. In September 2012 we welcomed another little boy into our family. I'm really starting to be outnumbered.

I went back and forth a lot with the idea of selling some of the stuff I've crocheted, and I finally came to the decision to do it! BUT....for a cause.

In March of 2011 my totally awesome sister had her little girl via emergency C-section about a month-ish early. The baby was life-flighted to a hospital about 1 hour away to receive the expert medical care she was in need of. When my sister was released from the hospital approx. 30 hours later she immediately went down to be with her new little angel.

The place where she stayed while down there was a newly opened facility on the hospital property. The facility is for patients receiving critical care, and for family members of those who are in ICU, or in my sister's case the NICU. My dad was able to secure a room at the Guest House, for as long as necessary, so that my sister could recover and still visit with and tend to her newborn daughter. This property wasn't available a mere half year ago. What a blessing it was to her! A coincidence you say? I like LOVE how my wise and wonderful mother stated her view on this little "coincidence."

The experiences of the past two weeks that have occurred within our family might be considered by some as coincidence. I, however, prefer to think of them as what Gerald Lund calls in his book by the same name "divine signatures."  These are "blessings sent in such a highly unusual, dramatic, or precisely timed manner, that it might be likened to a 'divine signature.'  It is as though the Lord 'signs' the blessing personally so that we will know with certainty that it comes from Him."  

Both momma and baby are doing great now, but I wanted to raise money to donate to places like the one my sister stayed in during her baby's time at the hospital. It was such blessing to her and close family, and I'm sure it's been a blessing to many other people. (My in-laws for example.) I think that more people need to have that kind of opportunity.

The Lynch Family Gathers at the Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home

At the Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home, we hear time and again of families gathering together to bid farewell to a loved one.  Such was the case with the Lynch family.  Siblings of Timothy Lynch arrived one by one from California, Minnesota, and Tennessee to join one last time as a family to say goodbye to their brother as he succumbed to colon cancer.  While saddened by their circumstances, they couldn't help but feel blessed for their good fortune of staying so near to their brother at the Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home.  The family was in awe of the provisions made possible through donations by the Dee family, community members and McKay-Dee Hospital employees.  As they crossed the garden path each day on their way to the hospital, they stopped to read the sentiments on bricks and pavers and loved the idea of memorializing their brother that way.  Their brick simply says, "Our Beloved Brother Timothy Tucker Lynch Loved by All."  Timothy is gone, but will never be forgotten, nor will the kindness that was experienced by the family.  Timothy's sister, Christine King, stated that the staff and the lovely home "helped them get through it." 

If you would like to make a donation and place a brick or paver at the Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home, please contact the foundation office at 801.387.7175.


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