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2014 McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation Honorees

McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation will honor two outstanding medical professionals at the 2014 Gala.  This honorees are:

Dr. A. Steven Cain

Dr. A. Steven Cain

When Steve Cain entered Auburn University to major in Engineering Physics in 1960, medical school was not on his radar. However, in the summer prior to his junior year of college, while working as an orderly in his local hospital in Anniston, Alabama, his innate curiosity and constant bombardment with questions of Dr. Henry Laws, a general surgeon, attracted attention. The support and encouragement found through his relationship with Dr. Laws became a cornerstone for the approach A. Steven Cain, M.D. used to assist many young people he encountered in his professional career.

As the first college graduate in his family, Steve’s father was appalled that he might consider applying to medical school and thus, step outside their societal class. When the good grades began to return from the University of Alabama Medical School, his father carried those reports to his job as a foundry man, clearly very proud of his son’s success. That pride was well placed because Steven Cain had discovered his niche in life. He pursued his general surgical training at the University of Alabama under the rigorous direction of Dr. John Kirklin. As an NIH Fellow doing experimental cancer research at Instituto Regina Elena in Rome, Italy in 1971-1972, another love blossomed; that of the study of languages and cultures of the world. Two years in Augsburg, Germany serving as a General and Thoracic Surgeon for the U.S. Army offered more experience in both these interests. McGill University in Montreal, Canada welcomed Dr. Cain for his Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Surgical Residency where he and Camille began their family.

Upon completion of his training in Montreal, he joined a practice of four other Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic Surgeons in Kansas City, Missouri where the Cain’s lived for four years before relocating to Ogden in 1982.

Among many other achievements during his tenure at McKay-Dee Hospital, Dr. Cain has served as Chief of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, President of the Medical Staff, and assisted in the development of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery.

Steve continues to pursue his love of travel, photography, skiing, gardening and of course, his far flung family. He is especially proud of his four children, their spouses and his six grandchildren, the eldest of whom is currently in Marine Boot Camp in San Diego. 

Dr. Calton

Farrell Marlon Calton, M.D

Dr. Calton was born on February 17, 1930 at home in Salt Lake City to Marlon and Thelma Calton.

Dr. Calton joined the Army and was soon on his way to the Korean War. He was wounded late at night on December 10, 1951. He was transported to a MASH unit and not expected to live. His body was and is covered with shrapnel, he lost his teeth and his eyesight and his finger joints were shattered. He was eventually transferred by ship to Letterman’s Hospital in San Francisco where he stayed an additional ten months recovering from his injuries. Finally in September he pleaded with them to let him go home so that he could start Fall Semester at the University of Utah.

Dr. Calton graduated from the University of Utah in 1955 and he and his new bride, Patricia Cooney Calton left for Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The happiest day of his life is the day he received his acceptance letter. He had saved his GI Bill to pay for medical school, counting on getting accepted. After graduating in 1955 he came back to the University of Utah for three years of training in Cardiology and Pulmonary Medicine.

Dr. Calton moved to Ogden to work at the Dee Hospital and then moved to the McKay Dee Hospital where he worked until 1996 when he retired. Dr. Calton started the Cardiac Care Department, adding doctors as the department grew.

His work ethic is astonishing, and has taken him from a poor and hungry child to a successful physician. He has always been a poor man who happened to have money. His greatest legacy has been to his family, the love and support that he has shown and taught has blessed us all. His children are Sally, Susan, William, Thomas and Ann. He has eleven grandchildren and one great grandson.

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McKay-Dee Foundation Gala  |  Thursday, October 2, 2014  |  5:30pm  |  Ogden Eccles Conference Center ​​​​​​​​​​​​​