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What We Support:  Community Programs

Needs of Our Patients

McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation supports a variety of programs that range from support groups for cancer patients to community health programs to helping families whose baby has been diagnosed with a fatal anomaly.

Programs serve the needs of our patients and include:

Angel Watch Program

Angel Watch is a program designed to provide emotional and social support to families who may be facing a diagnosis not consistent with supporting life for their unborn or newly born infant. Patients are referred to this program through hospital social workers or an Angel Watch Counselor. Services of this program include home visits to the parents, siblings and extended family; educational information; counseling on case specific case issues and coordination of other support services.

Annie Taylor Dee Guest Home

The Guest Home provides a wonderful place to stay for out-of-town families of patients at McKay-Dee Hospital Center, at minimal cost. A mom with a baby in the NICU is able to be near to bond with her baby, families gather for their loved ones last moments, or a week of cancer treatments may require staying near rather than driving several hours a day. Having a place to receive the needed rest, yet be close to the Hospital is vital to healing.

Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation

The American Cancer Society and American College of Sports Medicine recommend this program which is designed to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients during and after cancer therapy treatments. This is a comprehensive exercise approach which includes counseling methods needed to maintain muscular strength and endurance. These two areas of physical well-being are weakened through the disease and subsequent radiation treatments. The goals are to help patients return to their former level of physical function in addition to improving their psychological function. Funds are needed to offset the cost for those patients who otherwise cannot afford professional exercise therapy.

Cancer Support Group

Hearing the diagnosis of “Cancer” often times leaves one frightened and confused about what the future holds. The weekly support group offers cancer patients the opportunity to meet, learn and share experiences with others who are facing the same challenges. Informative speakers and other resources such as wigs are provided.

Cancer Survivor’s Day

This event is for all cancer survivors in the community to join together and honor their journey. Survivors are treated to motivational talks and the opportunity to connect with other survivors as they celebrate each new day.

Children’s Health Connection (CHC) 24/7

Since 1999, CHC has provided healthcare services to thousands of children in the greater Ogden area. While this annual two day event has been a huge success, it is no longer adequate in meeting the growing needs of underserved children in the community. For the reason, McKay-Dee Hospital along with many community partners are offering year-round Children's Health Connection through a voucher system program. Eligible families will now be able to schedule appointments and have a "medical home." With this new system, we will be able to service an estimated 8,000 eligible children. Funds are needed to purchase marketing materials, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, eye glasses, etc.

Common Bonds Parent Support Group

NICU babies come with their own special needs. Common Bonds addresses those needs through a parent volunteer group focused on providing support for families with babies in the NICU. While in the Hospital, weekly classes and dinners are held to provide networking and education for parents during the time their baby is in Intensive Care. Additionally, an annual reunion is held with games, food and entertainment for the whole family, where they can visit with their doctors and nurses and meet families who have gone through a similar experience.

Community Health Information Center (CHIC)

This free resource is a library (located on the main floor of the Hospital) is filled with information to help educate and inform you about confusing diagnoses. In addition CHIC offers:
  • Life-saving CPR and first aid class certifications.
  • Babysitting classes to help teens and caregivers know what to do in an emergency.
  • Nationally Recognized Car Seat Program. Technicians teach new parents, grandparents, and caregivers how to safely install car seat and decrease childhood deaths in traffic accidents.

Dental Days

The Dental Days event was started by the Children’s Health Connection to address the dental needs of uninsured children in the community. The event is held twice per year for 1-2 days per event. Volunteer dentists from Weber and Davis Counties, Dental Hygiene students from WSU and other community volunteers staff the event. Children receive a cleaning, x-rays and treatment by dentist if necessary. For any child that treatment cannot be completed during the event, follow-up care will be coordinated through case managers. This event is held at the Midtown Clinic.

Healthy Moms Program

Addiction is a complex mix of biological, social, genetic, and environmental factors. Statistics show that substance abuse, mental illness and criminal behavior are often interrelated. The public substance abuse treatment system is at a capacity but is serving less than 20% of the need. Approximately 65% of women who enter treatment have dependent children. In northern Utah, approximately 62% of children removed from their homes and placed in foster care is due to drug and/or alcohol abuse. This program exists to provide care for these women and their families whose lives have been adversely affected by substance abuse and mental health issues. Community partners in offering this program are Weber Human Services, Prevent Child Abuse Utah, United Way and the Swanson Foundation. This request is for partial project funding to include treatment scholarships, an educational speaker's bureau, marketing material, and program events.

Hispanic Labor Friend Program

This program is designed for Spanish speaking women in the Ogden area to have bilingual support during the last six weeks of pregnancy including labor, birth and postpartum care. Medical information is effectively communicated and helps ease the woman's fear during the labor process. This type of language assistance is essential in our efforts to offer optimal care during a critical time of a woman's life. The goals of this program are to minimize the language barrier for the Spanish speaking patient, increase attention to the cultural and social concerns of this population, and increase the patient's ability to make informed choices in the obstetrical process. This program also works in collaboration with Midtown Community Clinic where patients are initially identified and deemed eligible for a Labor Friend.

Infant Bereavement Program

Losing a baby after birth is a life-changing event full of sadness and emotion, but also a moment you don’t ever want to forget. A beautiful memory box containing special mementos of a precious little one are provided including a lock of hair, footprints, photo and other keepsakes.

Neonatal Pediatric Developmental Services

NICU babies and other community physician referred-children are screened, free of charge (screenings can cost up to $800), for a variety of developmental delays. They are then referred for appropriate services. Follow-up tracking and screenings are also part of this service.

NUHope Teen Healthy Lifestyles (Suicide Prevention)

Suicide has been a growing concern in Utah with statistics showing it is the leading cause of death for young men ages 15 - 19. In a prevention-focused high school program, currently being offered in local Schools, trained peers help address risk factors and offer resources for help through the innovative QPR program - Question, Persuade and Refer. The goal is to expand the program and help even more teens find alternate solutions to their problems.

Pediatric Obesity

Childhood obesity continues to be a leading public health concern that disproportionately affects low-income and minority children. Children who are obese are more likely to be obese in adolescence and adulthood, develop diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and sleep disorders, etc. According to the World Health Organizations, "Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century." Pediatric obesity scholarships will provide low income families the ability to participate the LIVE program which teaches families healthy lifestyle options. The entire family is covered by the scholarship which includes materials and staffing resources. This request is for 40 families to receive scholarships for both the Spanish and English classes.

Senior Health Connection

The Senior Health Connection provides annual clinical services including osteoporosis, cholesterol and glucose screenings and flu shots. Resources are also provided to help seniors navigate the healthcare system and help them obtain other important services on a limited income.

Teen Parents’s Program

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, nearly one million teen girls have babies every year. Statistics show 8 out of 10 of these same girls will never go to college and consequently spend part of their life dependent on public assistance. Children born to teen mothers are also less likely to succeed in school and in the job market. The Teen Mom Program helps teenage moms balance work, school and parenting with the primary goal of helping them finish high school. Teen moms are offered, at no charge, classes on pregnancy and birth, child development, parenting skills, preventing child abuse and substance abuse, and taking steps to avoid subsequent pregnancies. This program is currently offered at one Ogden high school and other schools are requesting the program for 2013-2014. Funds are needed for class material, laptop for presentations, childbirth educator, and miscellaneous supplies to offer a 9 month curriculum.

Women’s Health Connection

The Women’s Health Connection provides important cancer screenings and other basic medical, dental and mental health assessments to underserved and underinsured women of the Ogden community who often puts the financial needs of their children first at the sacrifice of their own important medical checkups.

Additional Women & Children’s Programs Supported by McKay-Dee Foundation
  • Developmental Screening Program
  • Parent Support Group for families of NICU babies
  • Teen Healthy Lifestyles