McKay-Dee Hospital

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If you are coming for a planned visit, you may have already registered. This helps save you time. Remember to bring picture ID and insurance card with you to the hospital.

Patients with Health Insurance

  • Register for your services either in person, or by calling (801) 387-7690
  • Co-pays and co-insurance amounts should be paid before receiving care.
  • If you have questions about paying your bill, or need help making payments, call Patient Accounts at (801) 387-7600.

Patients without Health Insurance

  • Register for your service as soon as possible in person, or by calling (801) 387-7730.
  • You will need to make payment arrangements before receiving care. We can work with you on a payment plan if needed.
  • Financial help is available to qualifying patients for most services.
  • If you have questions about your bill call Patient Account Services at (801) 387-7600.

Billing Statements

Shortly after your hospital stay, we will send you a bill. If you have insurance, we will send a claim to your insurance company. Billing statements will be mailed until the account is paid. These statements will tell you total charges, payments and amount due. Some statements may include a request for information. Please read the statements carefully and call Patient Account Services if you have questions or need more information.

Note: Because many doctors who work at our hospital are not our employees, they may send you a different bill for their services. Please call their offices directly if you have questions about their bills.

Financial Assistance

If you need help paying your bill, we have Financial Assistance programs available. For more information call Patient Accounts or the Financial Assistance Helpline: (801) 442-1128 or toll free 1-800-442-1128.

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