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Wound Care - McKay-Dee Hospital

Outpatient wound services at the McKay-Dee Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center provide scientifically proven, evidence based patient care. Patients with wounds are evaluated and treated by our board-certified Wound Care and Hyperbaric doctor and specialized wound care nursing staff and certified wound specialists.

Specialty therapies like electrical stimulation and sequential compression are also available. These options promote improved wound healing for chronic, slow to heal wounds.

  • Electrical stimulation works at the cellular level to increase blood flow as well as to promote increased collagen formation (a principal component of connective tissue, providing strength and resisting stretching), new tissue growth, and the eventual re-growth of skin over a wound. 
  • Sequential compression helps to decrease swelling around the wound and in the involved extremity.

In addition to the above options, we utilize the latest in gentle, low-frequency ultrasound technology to gently remove dead tissue from the wound bed in order to more quickly help the wound progress towards healing.


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