McKay-Dee Hospital

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    Wound Care

    Outpatient wound services at the McKay-Dee Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center provide scientifically proven, evidence based patient care. Patients with wounds are evaluated & treated by our board-certified Wound Care and Hyperbaric doctor and specialized wound care nursing staff & certified wound specialists.​

    Hyperbaric Medicine

    Hyperbaric medicine is oxygen therapy where patients breathe 100% oxygen at pressures two to three times greater than the atmospheric pressure at sea level. This dissolves more oxygen in the bloodstream and delivers it to every part of the body.

    Lymphedema Care

    Lymphedema is swelling caused by an abnormal build-up of fluids and cellular waste products in the tissues. The involved limb is often described as swollen, heavy, painful, & difficult to functionally utilize.​

    Ostomy Care

    Outpatient Ostomy Care at the McKay-Dee Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center provides preoperative stoma site marking, as well as preoperative and postoperative education.

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