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What is a Cancer Screening?

As part of our patient wellness focus at McKay-Dee Hospital, all patients are encouraged to receive regular cancer screenings. This is done to detect cancer as early as possible. Early detection leads to a better chance at recovery. Patients with high risk factors such as a family history of cancer should discuss the frequency of cancer screening with their physician. We can also do genetic testing or BRCA testing to detect any cancer-causing genes.

Although most cancer screenings are performed regularly after the patient has reached a certain age, some are done because of symptoms or other abnormalities. Cancer screenings often begin after the patient has discovered an abnormality such as a lump or skin lesion. If there is a concern about an abnormality, it’s important to talk to your doctor immediately to discuss screenings.

For questions about cancer screenings, please call (801) 387-7484, or check out the links below.    


    For people at risk, colonoscopy is the best test to screen for colon cancer, pre-cancerous growths, and polyps. If an abnormal growth or polyp is found, the doctor can remove it, take a biopsy, or recommend surgical removal later.


    As an essential part of early detection, McKay-Dee Hospital supports the American Cancer Society guidelines for breast cancer detection. All female patients are strongly encouraged to start receiving annual mammograms no later than the age of 40. To make an appointment, call (801) 387-7200.

    Prostate Screening

    Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer found in men and regular prostate cancer screenings are necessary to detect it.

    Skin Cancer Screening

    Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and affects over two million people every year. If you are at risk for skin cancer or notice an abnormality like an irregular mole or patch of skin, you should ask your doctor about getting a skin cancer screening.

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