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The physicians and healthcare professionals at the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center make every effort possible to treat and cure each patient’s cancer. Though most cancers are now treatable, unfortunately, there are still a few that can’t be cured. In these cases our patients often choose hospice care.

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is a form of palliative care that involves doctors, nurses, physical therapists and social workers helping the patient get the most out of the last few months of life.

As the cancer progresses and the patient becomes more ill, there are many symptoms and side effects of treatment that can be alleviated with hospice care. Our doctors use medicine, physical therapy and nutrition to help the patient combat physical pain.

We also have social workers and therapists who are available to help an individual and their families confront the emotional trauma they’ve been through and are about to experience. Hospice is available in our care facilities as well as in a person’s home.

Who Is Eligible of For Hospice Care?

If doctors determine a patient has six months or less to live, hospice care is generally covered by insurance companies and Medicaid. This can be extended up to a year depending on the circumstances. When the team of doctors treating the patient has exhausted all treatment options, they will discuss hospice with the patient. It’s not mandatory, but in some cases it’s highly recommended. The goal is to provide relief of symptoms and pain for the patient while improving the quality of remaining life.

If you or your loved ones would like to learn more about hospice or palliative care, please call (801) 387-7484.

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