Park City Medical Center

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A full-body radiant heat lamp is just one of the many unique features of Park City Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

Patients with cold-related injuries can be warmed while their injuries are being treated.

Emergency Department provides convenience and state-of-the-art care for area residents

“This is the best possible place for Summit County residents and visitors to get emergency treatment,” says Kris Kemp, MD, director of the Emergency Department at Park City Medical Center.

“We offer a level of service not seen before in this area. In fact, this kind of service is rare for any hospital that serves a community of this size anywhere in the country.”

Here are some reasons why:

Board-certified physicians

All the doctors in the Emergency Department are specially trained to handle any emergency, including serious trauma, heart attacks, strokes, and cases involving children. In fact, one of the physicians is also trained in pediatric emergency medicine, something rarely found outside of a pediatric hospital. All the emergency medicine physicians have practiced in Level I trauma hospitals, such as Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake County, which handle the most serious cases. That means the Emergency Department at Park City Medical Center offers some of the highest possible level of care. “In the past, if someone thought they were having a heart attack or stroke, they might have decided to drive to Salt Lake City,” says Dr. Kemp. “That would be a huge mistake now. We can see those patients and get treatment started immediately. And speed is what leads to the best possible outcomes.”

A seasoned staff

The hospital may be new, but many of the nurses, techs, and aides at Park City Medical Center aren’t. They have years of experience caring for patients in an emergency setting.


Park City Medical Center is right around the corner from downtown Park City. The goal of clinicians is to see patients within minutes — not hours. In fact, when possible, doctors will greet you in the reception room and take you to an exam room personally, further streamlining the process.


Park City Medical Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hospital also has at least one physician in the hospital at all times, compared to many hospitals of a similar size that only require a physician to be within 30 minutes’ response time.

High-tech tools and design

Careful planning went into the design and outfitting of the Emergency Department. Park City Medical Center has special equipment, such as radiant heat warmers for treating hypothermic patients, and trauma bays are organized so physicians can manage care for multiple patients at once, which is important on busy days or in case of a car accident with several victims.

One big advantage of the Emergency Department is the proximity to imaging tools. The CT scanner is eight feet away, and has state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment that can be used at the bedside, not to mention all the regular equipment used in a well-run Emergency Department.

“Imaging tools are extremely important. They allow us to diagnose things like internal bleeding and cardiac conditions right there in the ED,” says Dr. Kemp. “Having them so close means that our patients will have shorter wait times and better results.”

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