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Client Video Testimonials 

"After my appointment with the LiVe Well Center, I realized how easy it was to make changes, how others were not as easy, but that with time it gets easier.” 

- Pamela

"At the LiVe Well Center, after a few weeks and months of working there, I gained enough confidence that I committed to hike the Grand Canyon with my father.”

- Natalie

​"The LiVe Well Center, with the help of their counseling and showing me what to do properly with diet and exercise, has helped me immensely, so now I'm sleeping better. I'm dealing better with stress. I'm eating better and I'm exercising more."

- Scott

​"My experience at the LiVe Well Center was so insightful! They handled me with such dignity and respect. Without a doubt I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to know and wants to take control of what is happening inside their body."

- Deanna


Other Client Testimonials


"Pat, et al., I wanted to let you and the staff of the LiVe Well Center know what a wonderful experience I had last week with all of you. I am very excited about changing my life habits for the better and the LiVe Well Center staff was very helpful and encouraging. Everyone was very personable and professional. They took the time to answer my questions and did not make me feel like they had more important clients waiting, I felt like a V.I.P.! I felt very comfortable in the LiVe Well Center, the atmosphere was welcoming, relaxing, and private. I could not have asked for more, nor do I have any suggestions for improvement. What an amazing benefit (and wake-up-call for employee's like me) this would be to our Park City staff... an investment for our own future! Awesome!"

- Michael Jay Haman, RRT Respiratory Therapist

“Making sure your body is ready to give you quality living time has to be one of our most important health concerns. The LiVe Well Center is dedicated to that goal - I love it!"

- Barry Baker

"As an executive it's important to understand why we work so hard to fit exercise, sleep and good eating habits into our busy routines and lifestyle. Having a LiVe Well assessment gives me the ability to track my results over time to make sure I am succeeding in the most important aspect of life - my health and well being.

The team at LiVe Well Center gives me the key performance indicators to track and a customized strategy to follow that are critical for my individual body, genetic makeup, and lifestyle. Regardless of where or how you work out you can benefit from a LiVe Well assessment to get the most out of your physical exercise investments and understand how to best to shape your eating, sleep and work habits. This program can help you achieve balance and improve all aspects of your life."

Rick Farnell Co-Founder & President Think Big Analytics