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Our quarterly education series is offered free to the community.  It provides holistic health topics that challenge one’s lifestyle choices and encourages proactive changes to move towards health and wellness.


Upcoming Events:

Date: Tuesday, June 25th @ 6:00-7:30 pm

Topic: Cleanse Your System

Prescription medications, artificial ingredients in food and chemicals
we unknowingly ingest everyday can be harmful to our bodies.
Learn how to safely and naturally purge these toxins from your system
and how to avoid them in the future.

Where: LiVe Well Center, 2nd Floor


Heather Darling, Preventive Medicine Specialist and Family Nurse Practitioner, LiVe Well Center

Topic: Natural supplements that can replace expensive prescription medications

Karin Crestia, Pharmacist, Alpine Apothecary

Topic: How you can minimize the side effects of necessary prescription drugs by compounding your medications and avoid nutrient depletion created by some commone medications

Lisa Needham, Wellness Expert and Yoga Instructor, AYURVEDIC, Certified Park City Yoga

Topic: Using essential oils instead of chemicals



Previous topics have been:

"From Child Birth to Menopause: A multidisciplinary approach to women's self-care strategies" by Robert Thomas, D.O., G. David Munday, MD, Kate May and Heather Deford, Physical Therapist

"We've Got Your Back-Important Information on Spine/Back Health and Pain Management" by Andy Talbot, MD, Board Certified Anesthesia and Pain Management, Peter Maughan, MD, Neurosurgeon, Jan Watts, P.T. Certified Athletic Trainer, MAT Specialist

"Unhealthy Lifestyle Choice: How to Avoid the ER" by Dr. Kris Kemp and Dr. Jenifer Lingeman

"Get In the Best Shape of Your Life at Any Age" by Kathy Smith, fitness expert

"Growing Athletic Talent at Any Age" by Dr. Tom Miller, PhD

"Nutritious Foods for Healthy Digestion" by Executive Chef Jason Kieffer (he also provides healthy cooking demonstrations for the education seminars)

"You Are What You Eat" by Dr. Toni Bark, preventive medicine specialist

"Affordable and Accessible Preventive Healthcare Options" by Dr. Maureen Keefe, national leader in nursing education

"Simple Concepts for a Healthy Heart" by Dr. Ben Lewis, national leader in preventive cardiology

"Superior Health of Other Countries and What We Can Learn From Them" by Dr. Tom Rosenberg, internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon

"Goal Setting, Commitment, Trust and Detachment from the Outcomes" by Kit Deslauriers, two-time world free skiing women’s champion