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Preparing For Your Appointment

Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment for a service at the Park City Medical Center LiVeWell Center. If you are unsure which appointment type is right for you, please contact us and we will help you decide which one of our programs and services will help make a healthier you. Our core service, the Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation (HLE), is a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine evaluation. Our LiVe Well Assessment is perfect if you are starting an exercise program or wanting to make sure your current exercise program is working. Our Exercise and Sports Medicine services help the athlete, or aspiring athlete, to maximize performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Upon scheduling an appointment with us, our staff will send you the required forms, a LiVe Well Center intake form, which includes an assessment of your health behaviors and a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA), and instructions for day of service.  The HLE, which takes approximately two hours to complete, uses this information to help us gain a clear and accurate view of your current health state and determine the best strategies to help you improve or maintain your well-being. Blood work is also an integral part of this evaluation.  Depending on the labs and tests, you will be required to fast anywhere between 4-12 hours.  You will meet with a Nurse Practitioner who will obtain a brief medical history, review your labs, lifestyle questionaire and other behaviors relavant to you. You will then meet with our exercise physiologist who will perform cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, flexiblity and balance testing as a measurement of your physical fitness.  The LiVe Well assessment takes approximately 90 minutes.  A LiVe Well questionaire is used for the LiVe Well Assessment to look at your current exercise and nutrition habits. We also will send a Par-Q questionaire for you to complete before your appoinment, which is a physical activity readiness questionaire. 

If you are scheduling a nutrition consulation, you may be asked to complete a 2-day dietary food log in preparation for this appointment.  

Some services may be eligible for insurance reimbursement based on benefits. This type of wellness assessment is generally covered through a flexible-spending account or a health-savings program.    

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Health is the most important gift you can give yourself.
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