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In 2012 the healthcare spending has increased to $2.64 trillion accounting for 17.7% of the GDP.  Health care costs are expected to double by 2019.  Employers carry a significant burden of the cost of healthcare and in a typical U.S. company. Employee health care benefit costs are expected to increase 5.4% by 2013, according to an annual survey by Mercer (2011).  Wellness programs at the worksite is health care reform that works. Begin to control employer costs by providing preventive health assessments and education to your employees.


LiVe Well Center Services include:

The Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation is a service providing a personal wellness snapshot and gets you started towards living longer in good health.

A health risk questionnaire.
A healthy lifestyle review.
A basic biometric and fitness evaluation.
A scorecard identifying strengths and weaknesses in personal health.
Resources for self help and next step options.
Evaluation of daily behaviors that impact health

Exercise and Physical Activity .
Stress and Sleep.
Personal habits that create risk.
Individual counseling to support your optimal wellbeing.
Physical and laboratory measures that assess your level of health

Cardiopulmonary Assessment.
Strength and Flexibility.
Body Composition.
Blood work analysis.
Collaboration with physicians in the community to support their patient's health management, prevention, and education via our program services

Particular attention is focused on early detection of chronic conditions, reducing the risk of high cost hospitalizations and reducing the use of prescriptive medications.

Educational programs on the following:

Nutrition Coaching                        
Managing High Blood Pressure
Weight Loss                                 
Managing Cholesterol
Diabetes and Prevention              
Smoking Cessation
Fitness Coaching