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Sports Performance Testing​

We can help you get more fit and perform better than before! Sports Performance Testing is run by Dr. Massimo Testa. Dr. Testa specializes in sport and exercise medicine from prevention to diagnosis to treatment.  Testa's practiced focus is on sport-related musculoskeletal injuries, cardiopulmonary and other medical issues related to exercise including; exercise-induced asthma, cramps, fainting, unusual fatigue, and loss of performance. Testa also focuses on exercise prescription for the prevention and treatment of disease, and physiological evaluation of athletes including; VO2 max, lactate threshold, body composition, and strength evaluation. Testa also specializes in training programs to optimize athletic performance as well as bike fitting and bike biomechanics. 
Dr. Testa currently coaches professional cyclists including Levi Leipheimer and George Hincapie.  Previously,  he coached Lance Armstrong, Andy Hampsten, and triathletes Chris Lieto and Steve Larsen. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Testa is developing and coaching professional and amateur athletes, attending to cyclists on the pro tour, or writing books about sports performance.  He loves to cycle and ski.
Bike Fit & Cycling Performance-$200
Biomechanical assessment to achieve optimal position for cycling efficiency
Running Lab Assessment-$200
Digital technology to analyze form and identify strengths and weaknesses
VO2 Max Testing-$200
Determines the amount of oxygen required by the body for a maximized workout
Lactate Threshold Testing-$200
Aerobic vs. anaerobic testing to determine lactate levels for training