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Sports Performance Testing​

Bike Fit and Cycling Performance: $200
A proper bike fit helps to ensure a comfortable, ergonomic position, improve performance through aerodynamics, and address specific injuries or medical conditions related to bike position. A dynamic bike fit can be performed using video analysis, where joint angles and body position during the pedal stroke are analyzed to optimize efficiency and power output.
(Sometimes covered by insurance for medical purposes)
Economy Test: $150
Cycling economy is determined by measuring the amount of oxygen consumed for a specific power/speed output increment on a bike or treadmill. Economy is an important indicator of performance and can be improved through training.
Pedal Efficiency And Analysis: $150
Pedaling technique is an important factor in determining pedaling efficiency and economy. Pedal analysis determines the way cyclists apply the force on the pedal during the 360 degrees of the pedal revolution. Drills can be prescribed when needed in order to improve the pedaling pattern.

Additional Wellness Services

Blood Panel: $180 (If paid at time of service)
A comprehensive blood analysis that will provide vital information on your current health.
The panel consists of: C-Reactive Protein, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Lipid Panel, Complete Blood Count, and Iron levels.
Resting Metabolic Rate: $50
This determines the amount of calories your body needs for your vital organs to function while at rest, helping you customize a nutrition plan for optimal health and fitness.
Body Composition: $100 for DXA, o $30 for Impedance Scale
The Dexa Scan for body composition is a precise, non-invasive X-ray to measure percent of body fat. This includes muscle mass, fat mass (especially surrounding the internal organs), and bone mass.
The Impedance Scale provides a calculation of body fat and muscle percentages.
Exercise and Sport Registered Dietitian Consult: $120 per hour
(Five visits covered by most insurances) Registered dietitians will help you establish and maintain a healthy diet for competitive training schedules.

The Labs

Our labs are a comprehensive measurement of your physiological responses to exercise. Based on those findings, we will sit down with you for an in-depth analysis on those results and prescribe a course of action to improve your athletic performance and get the most out of your daily training. Package discounts available.
Cycling Metabolism and Biomechanics Lab
V02 Max/Economy Test, Lactate Test, Pedal Efficiency/Analysis, Bike Fit for medical purposes only
Running Metabolism and Biomechanics Lab
VO2 Max Test, Economy (includes VO2 measurement), Lactate Test, Running Analysis
Triathalon Metabolism and Biomechanics Lab
VO2 Max on Bike & Running, Lactate Test on Bike & Running, Analysis and/or Bike Fit, Swim Analysis

VIP Sports Package

VIP Sports Performance Package: $500 per year
This VIP package is an excellent choice for those interested in having multiple sports performance tests done throughout the year. The package includes a physical with your first sports performance test, plus an additional two sports performance tests that can be completed within one year of purchase. Patients who purchase the VIP Sports Performance Package will also have access to a medical provider within 48 hours for any medical issues that may arise during the year.
(Appointments for other medical issues will be billed through insurance or preferred payment). All pricing subject to change.