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LiVe Well encourages families to get active with some cool pool moves




Salt Lake City — In the last weeks of the summer heat, it becomes a mission and necessity to stay cool. Thinking of exercising in the heat may be too much and not safe. "So, jump into a swimming pool for refreshing way to sneak in some extra exercise since your muscles have to work harder to move in water," says Tamara Sheffield, MD, spokesperson for Intermountain Healthcare's LiVe Well public service campaign. LiVe Well encourages children and families to have a healthy diet and be active.

Here are some cool pool moves you might want to try:
  • Endless treadmill: In water up to your chest, but not over your head, jog in place for three to five minutes without letting your feet touch the bottom of the pool.
  • Poolside pushups: In waist-high water, facing away from the center of the pool, grip the side with your hands. Raise yourself up till your arms are almost but not quite straight, keeping a slight bend in your elbow, counting to three. Hold for a count of three and then, again counting to three, lower yourself slowly back to your feet.
  • Alternating knee lifts: Standing in chest-deep water, arms paddling by your side, alternate lifting one knee slowly to your chest and then lower it back down. Alternate, one leg after the next. 
Other water moves include: Walk on your hands in the shallow end of the pool, play Marco Polo or water tag, dive for "treasure," use a kickboard or a noodle, and, of course, swimming laps is one of the best workouts around for all-body fitness!

"Everyone needs regular physical activity - regardless of their shape, size, health, or age," says Dr. Sheffield. "It leads to better energy, stronger muscles, less stress, easier weight management, and less chance of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other illnesses."

Experts point to a complex set of reasons for the current epidemic of overweight and unprecedented obesity in America. This is an issue for children, parents, and families that contributes to poor health and decreased quality of life. You can find more expert advice on diet, activity, and attitudes about weight management at or at​
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