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Newly created videos on focus on Intermountain's specialized heart treatments and advanced expertise


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Intermountain Healthcare is launching an updated heart website this week that highlights why we perform more heart procedures than all other Utah healthcare providers combined — and how we deliver some of the best cardiovascular outcomes in the nation.

An updated version of features seven stories about Intermountain heart experts, procedures that are saving and improving lives, and patients who've benefited from their work. Each video includes interviews with Intermountain heart specialists and several tell stories of heart patients who've been treated at our facilities.

The new video stories include details about:

  • Replacing aortic valves with a catheter. Intermountain can now replace an entire aortic valve using a catheter in a procedure that requires only a small, one-inch incision. The procedure allows the patient to be back to normal activities within a day or two as opposed to the weeks and months of recovery that's typical with open heart surgery.
  • Pumping blood with a high-tech heart assist device. Intermountain has the skill and technology to implant a small, yet remarkably advanced heart assist device that generates 10 liters of blood flow per minute. The device, called an LVAD, helps patients who suffer from heart failure by pumping as much blood as a normal, healthy heart. Intermountain is one of the few healthcare systems in the country qualified to implant the life-saving device, and the only one in Utah.
  • Diagnosing chest pain. Intermountain has rigorously studied the latest national research on diagnosing chest pain and distilled it into one standard protocol that's proven to work best. Because of that, chest pain diagnosis in Intermountain's hospitals is faster and more precise, so each patient can be treated as effectively as possible.
  • Giving patients heart monitors. Intermountain cares for many people who are worried about heart rhythm problems. After a screening that ensures no immediate care is needed, we send heart monitors to these patients' homes. The monitors transmit data to heart experts at Intermountain facilities, who evaluate them and involve a cardiologist if necessary. This helps people proactively solve heart problems, or have peace of mind if no problem currently exists.
  • Treating heart arrhythmia. Heart arrhythmia issues are common and can lead to serious problems including dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer's. Fortunately, they can be cured by using the proven technology and techniques Intermountain employs.
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