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About Melanie

Melanie was seven years old, and underwent treatment at Primary Children’s Hospital for a brain tumor in the fall of 2009.

On July 28, 2009, Melanie was at a birthday party when she fell off a trampoline. Melanie wasn’t hurt, but in the next two weeks she began to see double. Melanie’s mom, Olga, took her to an ophthalmologist who said the problem could be fixed with glasses. But glasses didn’t help. A couple of week’s later Melanie and her family where traveling back from New Mexico when Melanie got sick and threw up. It was unusual for her to get car sick, and Olga was still worried about her fall from the trampoline.

Melanie’s mom and dad brought her to Primary Children’s Emergency Department. Within an hour, they discovered that Melanie had a brain tumor.

Since that day, Melanie had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She went to school everyday, and was always brave, strong, and positive.

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