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Wear Your HelmetWear a helmet every time you lace up your roller blades or climb on your bike, skateboard, or scooter - no matter what your age! A helmet only works when you wear it. Set an example by wearing a helmet and encouraging your friends to wear one.

Each year, more than 1,200 people die and thousands more are  seriously injured in bicycle, roller blade, scooter and skateboard accidents. The most serious accidents involve head injuries. Many of these can be prevented by wearing a safety helmet that fits correctly.

Fitting a Child’s Helmet

  1. Be sure your helmet has an ANSI or SNELL label certifying it is safe.
  2. Place a snug-fitting helmet on the child’s head.
  3. Adjust the helmet straps so the helmet cannot be moved from side to side or back and forth.
  4. There should be about one finger width between the chin strap and the child’s chin.

Safety Tips

Most Common Injury Situations

Additional Resources

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