Tests to determine if your child has cancer will depend upon the type of cancer suspected. For example if your doctor suspects a “liquid” tumor such as leukemia, they will do a blood test to see if there are cancerous cells present in the blood. They will also look for cancer cells in the bone marrow, by doing a bone marrow aspirate; and in the cerebral spinal fluid, by doing a lumbar puncture.

If your physician suspects a solid tumor they will likely do some kind of a scan (X-ray, C.T., MRI) to look more closely at the location and size of the mass they are concerned about. They may also do a biopsy, and look at some of the tissue under a microscope to determine what it is made of.

Test results must be studied to confirm your child’s diagnosis and then a treatment plan can be discussed. This process may take as little as one day, or as long as several weeks. More information can be found in the documents below.

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