Primary Children's Hospital

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George Davis Gross, MD, was an Internist and member of the Family Practice faculty at the University of Utah. Esther Saurwein Gross, MD, was a Pediatrician and had a community-based practice for many years in Salt Lake City. Esther cared for a couple of generations of Salt Lake City area children, and there are more than a few members of Primary Children's Hospital staff who remember her fondly as their childhood doctor. Esther was the first female medical staff member at Primary Children's Hospital.

The Gross' were quiet people who lived simply and didn't seek recognition or position. Having no children, George and Esther created trusts and bequeathed more than 7 million dollars to several worthy charities. Primary Children's Hospital was the recipient of 1.7 million dollars, which has allowed the establishment of a Presidential Endowed Chair in Infectious Disease as well as the George and Esther Gross Clinical Simulation Laboratory.

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