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Service Projects, Donations & Eagle ProjectsPrimary Children's relies on the generous support of individuals and community groups to contribute items for patients and families to use while staying at the hospital.

If you or your community group are interested in making or collecting items to donate please see the suggestion lists below. For questions, email Marie Hendriksen or call (801) 662-5968. 

Donation deliveries:
Donations can be delivered to the north information desk on the first floor.  Donors may park briefly in the north circle while dropping off a donation.  Please complete a donation form so we can appropriately thank you.  We are grateful for our generous community!

Please Note:
It is hospital policy that items donated for patients not be identified with donor information or personal sentiments (name, address, social media links, or stories, etc.). We kindly request any notes of encouragement be generic and hopeful in nature (i.e. "have a good day," "you are wonderful," "you are brave," or "thinking of you"). We discourage messages such as "get well soon" or messages with religious overtones. 

In the hospital, infections are always a risk. To protect our patients, we are no longer accepting used items. Additionally, due to federal privacy laws and security policies, donors are not able to deliver gifts to patients or families. 

Eagle Scout Projects

If you are interested in doing your Eagle Scout Service Project for Primary Children's, visit our Eagle Scout Project page, submit your information, and obtain approval from Primary Children's Foundation.


Items to Make

 Extra Precaution:  Please look over each sewn item for pins and needles. This will help prevent any injury to the patients.
  • Fleece Blankets:  sized 72" x 58”; may be either one or two layers of fabric; remove selvages and tie all four sides (watch a great instruction video - love their corner instructions and fringe ideas).
  • Quilted and Tied Quilts:  72" x 90", 54" x 80", and 45" x 60" (no all-red flannel).
  • Medical Play Dolls: Use attached patterns.  All instructions are on the patterns. Medical Play Doll.pdfMedical Play Doll.pdfDoll Gown Pattern.pdfDoll Gown Pattern.pdf
  • NICU Items:  
  1. 45" x 45" double or single layer flannel blankets with sewn edges; no crocheted edges or red flannel. 
  2. Newborn and 0 - 3 month size cotton sleepers with snap fronts; no zippers, terry cloth or polar fleece.  Particularly in need of baby boy clothing.
  • Decoration and Craft Kits:* Kits for patients to assemble the craft in the hospital. 
    Looking for Valentine, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and spring craft/decoration kits. Place all items in zipper storage bag (like Ziploc)  Get ideas at Crayola Crafts, Disney® Family Fun, Making Friends, Martha Stewart Crafts. Items like glue, glitter, and scissors are not required in kits.

    Items to Donate

    Below are lists of items that we can use in the hospital to help patients and families. Please note that infections are always a risk in the hospital. To protect our patients, we are only able to accept new items.


Please do not donate violent or gory toys and games, such as play swords, play guns, etc.
Primary Children’s Hospital is a place of healing. 



  • Little People Figures
  • Doc McStuffins
  • My Little Pony
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Pixar Cars themed toys
  • MagnaDoodles
  • Fisher-Price toys
  • Themed LEGO kits for boys and girls
  • Hot Wheels cars (small cars)
  • Star Stackers
  • Educational toys (i.e. Leap Frog)
  • Baby rattles (no cloth)
  • Princess items
  • Infant stimulation mobile (click to view)
  • Disney Play Sets (plastic)
  • Plastic animals, dinosaurs, etc. (medium size)
  • Soccer balls, basketballs, footballs
  • Nerf footballs
  • Nerf basketballs and hoops
  • Preschool light-up/sound toys
  • Self-contained infant toys with buttons, lights, and noise
  • Barbie dolls and clothes
  • Doctor kits
  • Action heros
  • Transformers
  • Baby teethers
  • Squeeze balls
  • Polly Pocket dolls

Art & Craft Supplies:*

  • Crayola washable markers
  • Fun print Duct tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Fuzzy posters
  • Dot paints
  • Play-Doh
  • Coloring books
  • Elmer's glue
  • Stickers
  • Craft kits
  • Window markers


  • Popular children's books
  • Spanish books
  • I Spy books
  • Toddler books
  • Vinyl book​s
  • Books on CD
  • Teen magazines and books

CDs & DVDs:

  • DVDs - Rated G, PG, or PG-13 (especially new releases, teen, and Disney)
  • Spanish DVDs
  • Classical music CDs
  • Relaxing music CDs
  • Teen music CDs - no parental advisory CDs
  • Popular country music CDS
  • Pop music CDs - no parental advisory CDs


  • Face card and Uno games
  • Play Station systems, wired controllers,
    and games (rated E)
  • XBox systems, wired controllers, and
    games (rated E)
  • Xbox One games (rated E)
  • Wired controllers for game systems
  • Video games rated "E"
  • Phase 10, Skip-bo, other card games




  • Baby clothes (0-18 months)
  • Underwear (boys and girls, sizes 2 years to young adults)
  • Snappable sleepers with long sleeves and feet, sizes 0-18 months (particularly for boys)
  • T-shirts (all sizes for children and adults; especially white)
  • Pajama bottoms
  • Sweats (all sizes)
  • Shorts (all sizes) 
  • Trendy caps for boys


  • Gift cards (iTunes, Lakeshore,, fast food restaurants, other popular cards for teens)
  • Earbuds
  • Easy-Bake Oven kits
  • Dairy Queen Blizzard kits
  • Nail polish and manicure sets, lip gloss, chapstick, eye shadow
  • Egg shakers with handles
  • Guitar picks
  • Blank CDs/DVDs for burning
    *Please carefully check craft kits and other items to ensure that there is no latex. Some patients are allergic to latex and it's not allowed in the hospital. Latex can be found in balloons, rubber gloves, bracelet kits, craft foam, etc.
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