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January 2015

Pathologist and Surgeon: Partners in the Diagnosis and Management of Hirschsprung's Disease
Raj P. Kapur, MD, PhD

December 2014

Pediatric CNS Infections and Inflammatory Disorders: Imaging and Management
James F. Bale, Jr. MD
Gary L. Hedlund, DO
Statins and Dyslipidemia of Obesity
Nicole L. Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH
Richard V. “Chuck” Williams, MD
Adam L. Ware, MD
Family Socio-Economic Status and Children's Health: Recent Evidence on Casual Links
Emilia Simeonova, PhD 

November 2014

Internet Safety: A Physical and Mental Health Issue
Sariah Donnahoo, MSW, CSW
Children: The Overlooked Casualties of the War in Afghanistan
Stephen J. Fenton, MD, FACS

October 2014

Effective Data Integration for Retail Health Clinics and the Impact on Patient Access
James Murray, MS
Vice President, Information Technology
MinuteClinic at CVS Caremark
Where's the Evidence that Religious/Spiritual Care Makes Any Real Difference to Patients and Families?
David Pascoe, MA
Global Health Projects
Presented by Pediatric Residents
Critical Congenital Heart Deffects Screening
Nelangi Pinto, MD
Harper Randall, MD, FAAP
How Primary Children's Hospital Will Succeed in the New Healthcare Environment: Our Five Year Strategic Plan
Erin Donnelly, MHA

September 2014

Improving Appendicitis Care
David E. Skarda, MD

State of the Department of Pediatrics
Edward B. Clark, MD
Wilma T. Gibson Presidential Professor
Chair, Pediatrics
University of Utah School of Medicine
Chief Medical Officer
Primary Children’s Hospital

May 2014

Sports-Related Concussion and Return to Play
Colby Hansen, MD
William M. McDonnell, MD, JD
Joyce V. Soprano, MD
Mentored Program in Pediatric Research
Patrick A. Bell, MS4
Jeremy Michael Alvord, MS4
Andrew Jones, MS4
Matthew W. Sorensen, MS4
Meghan May Cirulis, MS4
Diagnosis and Management of Carbohydrate-Induced Diarrhea
John Pohl, MD
Pediatric Heart Failure:  Are We Getting Any Closer to Heart Success?
Robert E. Shaddy, MD
Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Chee Chun Tan, MD

April 2014

Vaccine Therapy for Childhood Gliomas:  Observations, Challenges, and Future Directions
Ian F. Pollack, MD, FACS, FAAP
Misinformation, Patient-Provider Communication, and Other Lessons from the Vaccine Wars
Seth Mnookin
Simulation in Healthcare – What is the Evidence for Efficacy?
Joseph O. Lopreiato, MD, MPH
Chronic Fatigue in Adolescents
Phillip R. Fischer, MD

March 2014

03/27/14  The AAP and its Agenda For Children: Your Membership Matters
Thomas K. McInerny, MD, FAAP AAP President
03/20/14   Humanism in Medicine: Why Now?
Fred J. Schiffman, MD, FACP
03/12/14   Short Gut Syndrome: Surgical Management and Basic Opportunities
Brad W. Warner, MD
03/06/14   Peer Reviewed Publication: Lessons from Pediatrics
Alex R. Kemper, MD, MPH, MS

February 2014

02/27/14   Pediatric Specialty Transport Teams and Patient Outcomes
Richard A. Orr, MD, FCCM
02/20/14   Toxic Stress:  What it Is, Why Should I Care and What Can I do About It?
Andrew Garner, MD, PhD, FAAP
02/13/14   It’s All In How You Say It!  An Initial Approach to Youth With Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms” (MUPS)
Lisa, L. Giles, MD
Tiffany S. Glasgow, MD
Deirdre A. Caplan, PhD
Elaine Pollock, Education Specialist
02/06/14   Fellow: The Physician as ICU Patient
Daniel D. Shin, MD

January 2014

01/30/14   Brain Plasticity: Improving Outcomes in Children 
Judith Gooch, MD
01/23/14   Management of Pediatric Depression and Anxiety in Primary Care
Travis Mickelson, MD
01/16/14   Psychosocial and Health Sequelae of Child Refugees
Laura M. Bennett-Murphy, PhD
01/09/14   Updates in Congenital CMV Infection
David W. Kimberlin, MD

December 2013

12/19/13   Medical Home in the Real World
Chuck Norlin, MD
Prader-Willi Syndrome: Making a Difference in Outcome
Suzanne B. Cassidy, MD, FACMG, FAAP

November 2013

Unraveling Liver Function Tests in the Outpatient Setting
M. Kyle Jensen, MD
Honoring the Pioneers of Pediatrics in Utah: The Pediatric Oral History Project
Jeffrey R. VanBlarcom, MD
The Future is Now: Personalized Medicine and Genomic Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease
Martin Tristani-Firouzi, MD
Cammon B. Arrington, MD, PhD

October 2013

What if... We Never Harmed a Patient
Stephen Muething, MD
Status Epilepticus in Children
Jeffrey J. Ekstrand, MD, PhD
Altering the course of Type 1 Diabetes: An Update on Prevention and New Onset Clinical Trials
Stephen E. Gitelman, MD
When does Medical Care Become Too Much Care? The Fine Line Between Helping, Hurting and Creating Illness in Children
Antoinette Laskey, MD, MPH
Early Experiences Elevate Education: Creating Quality Environments for Optimal Brain Development
Dipesh Navsaria, MD, MPH, MSLIS, FAAP

September 2013

Why Zebrafish Matter: Translational Research in the Era of Health Care Reform
Josh Bonkowsky, MD, Phd
Turning The Tears of Tragedy into the Miracle of Life — The Gift of Organ Donation
Thomas A. Nakagawa, MD, FAAP, FCCM
Per the request of the presenter, the video archive for this lecture is not available.
State of the Department of Pediatrics
Edward N. Clark, MD 

May 2013

The 16th David J. Green, MD Memorial Lecture
Surgical ‘Normalization’ for Children Born with Atypical Genitalia: Controversies, Consensuses, and the Constant Cultural Conundrum
Alice Dreger, PhD 
Mentored Program in Pediatric Research
  • Mechanical Ventilation of Preterm Lambs Is Associated with
    Necrotizing Enterocolitis
    Wendy Leavitt, MS4
  • An Office-Based Intervention To Reduce Bottle Feeding Among Latino Pediatric Patients at The South Main Clinic
    Chris Rees, MS4
  • Veteran Suicide: Literature Review
    Joseph Sin, MS4
  • Use of Oxandrolone to Promote Growth in Neonates with Complex Congenital Heart Disease
    Daniel Garvin, MSIV
Neutrophils, NETs, and Neonates: New Biology of Neonatal Neutrophil Dysfunction
Christian Yost, MD 
The Influence of Screen Time on Infants, Children, and Adolescents: What We Know; What Can We Do About It?
Robert Mendelson, MD, FAAP 

April 2013

Parent’s Perspective on DCDD: Decision-making, Meaning-making, and Recommendations
Susan Bratton, MD, MPH
The 22nd Annual Gillian Abbotts Memorial Lecture
Improving the Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care for Youth and Young Adults
W. Carl Cooley, MD
The 10th Annual Marion L. Walker, MD Honorary Lecture
Fetal Surgery for Myelomeningocele: Promise and Pitfalls
Nalin Gupta MD, PhD
Type 1 Diabetes Day by Day-Outpatient Management and Emerging Technologies
Mary A. Murray, MD

March 2013

The Annual Chief's Choice Lecture
The Top Pediatric Guidelines of the Last Year
Victoria Wilkins, MD, MPH
Defining "Successful" Discharge Communication: The View Through Different Lenses
Victoria Wilkins, MD, MPH
The Autopsy as a Laboratory Test  
Jessica M. Comstock, MD
The 13th Annual Dale Johnson Honorary Lecture
Optimal Resources for Children's Surgical Care in the United States
Keith T. Oldham, MD

February 2013

Systems Biology for Pediatric Cancer
Samuel Volchenboum, MD, PhD
Optimization of Beta-lactam Antibiotics in Cystic Fibrosis and Beyond: Intermittent and Extended/Continuous Infusions
Jeffery T. Zobell, Pharm.D.
David C. Young, Pharm.D.
2nd Annual John A. Hawkins Memorial Lecture
Orange Barrels: Roadblocks, Detours, and U-turns Along the Road to Evidence-Based Healthcare for Congenital Heart Disease
Eugene Blackstone, MD
Systems Biology for Pediatric Cancer
Samuel Volchenboum, MD, PhD

January 2013

Hiding in Plain Sight: Eating Disorders, Body Image, and Self-Control
Michael G. Spigarelli, MD, PhD 
Next-Generation Sequencing as a Clinical Test: What is Right for Our Patients?
Steve Bleyl, MD, PhD 
Natural Killer Cell Deficiency
Jordan Scott Orange, MD, PhD
Hypothesis-Testing and Hypothesis-Generating Clinical Genomic Research: New Pathways to Discovery
Leslie G. Biesecker, MD
Getting Up To Speed On Motivational Interviewing
Scott Whittle, MD

December 2012

Stertor, Stridor, and Noisy Breathing: Evaluating and Managing
Jeremy Meier, MD
Radiation Exposure and Your Patient
Jeff Prince, MD
Leukodystrophies: White Matters
Josh Bonkowsky, MD, PhD

November 2012

The 4th Annual American Journal of Medical Genetics Honorary Lecture
Hall’s Rules of Dysmorphology as Applied to General Pediatrics
Bryan Hall, MD, FAAP
The Case for Antimicrobial Stewardship: Improve Care, Prevent Complications, Reduce Costs, and Preserve a Vanishing Resource
Emily Thorell, MD
Refugee Health: Cultural Challenges and Opportunities
Mara Rabin, MD

Facilitating Knowledge Creation: Using a Medical Librarian as an Information Tool
Emily Eresuma, MLS

October 2012

The 12th Annual M. Eugene Lahey Memorial Lecture
The Cure of Childhood Leukemia
Joseph V. Simone, MD
Hepatitis C – Pediatric Implications
William Balistreri, MD
Current Management Strategies in the Asymptomatic Child with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Mitchell Cohen, MD, FACC, FHRS
Found in Translation: Cancer Genomics and the Pediatric Patient
Joshua D. Schiffman, MD

September 2012

Risk and Resilience in Psychosocial Adaptation to Pediatric Cancer
Mary Jo Kupst, PhD
Wound Management: Beyond Wet to Dry
Harriet W. Hopf, MD
Pediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: From Diagnosis to Independence
Aimee Hersh, MD, MS
State of the Department of Pediatrics
Edward B. Clark, MD
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