Two of our interns have concurrent rotations; two other interns have consecutive rotations; one intern has a 12-month continuous rotation.

Anticipated rotational placements for the upcoming year are as follows:

Intern 1

August-February: Adolescent Residential/Day Treatment Program
February-August: Union Park Psychiatry and Counseling (outpatient)

Intern 2

August-February: Union Park Psychiatry and Counseling (outpatient)
February-August: Adolescent Residential/Day Treatment Program

Intern 3

August-August: Primary Children's Center for Counseling (general outpatient), including some work on the acute (inpatient) and residential/day treatment units.

Intern 4

August-August: Primary Children's Center for Counseling (general outpatient), including some work on the acute (inpatient) and residential/day treatment units.

Intern 5

August-August: Pediatric Behavioral Health outpatient clinic as well as C&L service at Primary Children’s Hospital.

These are our anticipated rotations for the upcoming training year. Although we don’t expect any changes, we will inform potential applicants of any modifications to these rotations by the time we conduct interviews in January.

Formal Psychology Training Program Seminars and Activities

In addition to individual training and service activities on each rotation, all interns together attend four structured weekly training activities from September/October through May. The schedule for the upcoming year is:


5 to 6:30 p.m. - Family Therapy Seminar/Supervision


8 a.m. to 9 a.m. - Individual Psychotherapy Seminar/Supervision
9 a.m. to 11 a.m. - Peer Supervision
11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - Didactic Seminar Series

As further clarification of these group training activities

Peer supervision: Interns meet weekly to discuss issues relevant to current cases or placements or to focus on other issues.
Family Therapy Seminar / Supervision: Systems theory utilizing a live observation team approach, review of recorded session material, and group supervision of family therapy cases.
Individual Psychotherapy Seminar / Supervision: Case presentation, with recorded session material, to discuss individual therapy and therapeutic interventions for a wide range of patients. Psychology interns meet with psychiatry residents.
Didactic Seminar: Various topics related to diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. Presenters include hospital-employed training faculty and community-based psychologists.  A few of these seminars are held with psychology interns from other local APA-accredited psychology internship training programs (Utah State Hospital, The University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute, VA Salt Lake City Health Care System)

During June through August formal training seminars are discontinued, allowing interns to spend 1/2 day each week on a "mini-rotation" developed in collaboration with their supervisor.  Past interns have spent their mini-rotations learning and conducting PCIT, producing educational materials for a walk-in free clinic, engaging in research, and providing consultation/research assistance in Primary Children’s Diabetes Clinic.

Each intern receives a minimum of two hours of individual supervision weekly. In some services or programs a single supervisor provides the supervision, and in other services or programs supervision is split between two supervisors. Interns in each service or program also participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings or rounds, typically including a multi-disciplinary treatment team. Individual and family therapy seminars (described above) also provide interns with two hours per week of group supervision.

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