Job Shadowing

Requests to observe should first meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  1. Must be aligned with an academic requirement needed to complete a course of study/syllabus (receiving a grade, credit, etc). 
  2. Must be actively applying for programs, which require a shadowing experience as a pre-requisite.  Please note, pre-medical students must first contact Jennifer Kendall, at
    (801) 662-3520 or   

The next step is to identify an individual or department in which you’re interested in shadowing. You can inquire about this in a couple different ways:

Option 1:

Contact the specific person or department you’re interested in shadowing; they will be able to let you know if any opportunities are available.  If you are unsure of the department's phone number, call Primary Children's operator at (801) 662-1000.

  • Once you’ve arranged a time to observe with one of our staff members, email Primary Children’s Student Placement Coordinator in order to receive mandatory orientation materials. Allow at least two weeks (three weeks preferred) advanced notice in order to complete requirements
  • Once you submit the required orientation materials to the student placement coordinator, the coordinator will clear you for a student badge and observation.

Option 2:

Contact Primary Children’s Student Placement Coordinator.

  • Email the student placement coordinator your request to observe. Be sure to provide the following information: the name of the school you attend, your program of study, day(s) you’re interested in shadowing, number of shadowing hours needed, and any other information that will help assist in a possible placement. Due to the high number of placement requests, please allow at least two to three weeks of advanced notice.
  • Once received, the student placement coordinator will contact you with further instructions. You will be directed either to the person or department which you will be shadowing, or provided additional information on how to proceed.
  • If a shadowing placement is confirmed, you will be provided mandatory orientation materials that you must complete prior to shadowing.
  • Once you submit the required orientation materials to the student placement coordinator, the coordinator will clear you for a student badge and observation. 

Jennifer Kendall, MSC
Student Placement Coordinator
Primary Children's Hospital
100 N. Mario Capecchi Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT
Office: (801) 662-3520
Fax: 801-662-3533

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