Primary Children's Hospital

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Medical Staff

Dr. Rollins is a board-certified pediatric surgeon and director of the Colorectal Center.
Dr. Wallis is a board-certified pediatric urologist. He is the director of urological services in the Colorectal Center.

Molly O'Gorman, MD
Dr. O'Gorman is a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist. She specializes in nutritional gastroenterology and other GI motility problems.

Jessica H. Pittman, MD
Dr. Pittman is a board-certified OB/Gyn. She consults on specific cases for the Colorectal Center.

Jay Riva-Canbrin, MD, MSc
Dr. Riva-Canbrin is a board-certified in pediatric neurosurgery.
He consults on specific cases for the Colorectal Center.
Sarah Zobell, PNP
Sarah is a board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and the clinical coordinator for the Colorectal Center.

Krissie Norton, RN
Krissie is a registered nurse and clinic nurse for the Colorectal Center
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