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Our registered dietitians are experts in caring for your child’s nutrition needs and helping your family reach and maintain nutrition goals. When and how often you see the dietitian will depend on your child’s medical diagnosis, needs, and plan of care.

The goal of the dietitian is to promote and ensure optimal growth and nutrition status for your child. Our dietitians will work directly with your family to develop nutrition plans that meet the nutrition, medical, and cultural needs of the family. 

Dietitians are responsible for completing a nutrition assessment, which may contain a growth evaluation, nutrient intake analysis, identification of a nutrition diagnosis, creation of a nutrition recommendations and a nutrition care-plan. Following the nutrition assessment the dietitian will monitor growth, implement and monitor special diets, assess nutrition intake and complete nutrition education for the child. If your infant or child needs a specialized formula, tube-feeding (EN) or intravenous-feeding (PN) the dietitian will make nutrition and formula recommendations, develop specialized formula recipes, and monitor your child’s growth and intake to ensure an optimal nutrition status.

Dietitians collaborate with your infants or child’s entire medical team to provide the best care while providing individualized nutrition plans and goals.

Role of the Dietitian

Inpatient Registered Dietitian

Each medical unit of the hospital has a registered dietitian that is knowledgeable of the specific medical diagnosis and conditions in that unit. The registered dietitian consults with the medical staff on all children receiving a special diet, modified formula, enteral tube-feeding or intravenous –feeding (PN) nutrition.

Your child will have a health assessment within 24 hours of admission, usually completed by your child’s admitting nurse. Nutrition is part this health assessment. The nutrition questions within the health assessment aim to identify any potential nutrition risk or special nutrition needs.

All infants and children will also receive a more in-depth nutrition screen usually completed by a dietetic technician. 
Children identified as low nutrition risk will be monitored throughout their stay and will be seen by a dietetic technician or dietitian as needed.
Children identified at moderate or high nutrition risk are seen by a registered dietitian within 48 hours and receive a complete nutrition assessment as part of medical nutrition therapy. The dietitian will set nutrition goals and conduct on-going nutrition monitoring and care.

Please feel free to ask your infants or child’s nurse if you would like to see your dietitian.

Outpatient Registered Dietitian

Registered dietitians offer nutrition counseling to help maintain and improve infants or child’s nutrition and health. Our dietitians are available to see a wide range of clients from infants to young adults.

The dietitian will review your child’s typical eating patterns, obtain body measurements, and will review medical information from your child’s physician. The child and family will work with the dietitian to develop a safe and individualized nutrition plan. Our goal is to achieve optimal health and nutrition outcomes.

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