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Adequate and balanced nutrition is necessary to promote optimal growth and development for infants and children. Many children require special attention from a Registered Dietitian to ensure they received the best nutrition care. While your child is at Primary Children’s Hospital they will be followed by a Registered Dietitian. 

Room Service

Children’s Meals

Primary Children’s Hospital provides age-appropriate, nutritious meals that children of all ages enjoy.  Meals are provided through Room Service- a restaurant style menu and delivery system.  This means that children can order anything from the menu at any time during kitchen hours.  Whether children are hungry for pancakes for dinner or soup for breakfast, our Room Service Staff can meet their individual needs.

What to Expect 

When your child is able to eat, a Primary Children’s Patient Representative will provide a menu specific to your child’s dietary needs.  Meals and snacks can be ordered from this menu any time between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

What Can I Order?

Children can order any item from the menu provided to them during Room Service hours.  Room Service Operators are available to take meal and snack orders, as well as help to make adjustments to menu items for children’s specific needs or requests.


Children or their parents can choose to preorder their meals to ensure their meals are delivered at a specific time each day.  Preorders can be scheduled by calling the Room Service Operator at (801) 662-1416.

Meal Delivery

All meals and snacks are delivered within 45 minutes of the order being received.  When a Room Service Representative delivers tray, they will knock on the door, check the child’s medical name bracelet, and leave the tray on the bedside table.  If the child is in isolation or has contact restrictions, his/her tray may be delivered by the nurse. 

Special Diets

Some children require special diets during their stay at Primary Children’s. Physicians and dietitians work together to determine the most appropriate diet for your child. Then the dietitians and food service staff work to create a menu specific to your needs. A patient representative will deliver your child’s special menu and explain how to order meals and snacks. A dietitian is also available to answer questions about specific dietary requirements.

If your infant or child requires special foods or beverages, please bring a small supply with you to Primary Children's. This will allow us time to acquire these specific products if needed.

Patient Formulas

Your infant may receive mother’s own milk or ready-to-feed infant formula. These are kept on each medical unit and administered by the nurses at your infant’s bedside.

Primary Children’s Hospital complies with the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, by adhering to the use of only ready-to-feed and concentrated formulas, and liquid human milk fortifier, which are considered sterile products.  Powdered formulas and modules will be used only when there is no sterile alternative.

If your infant or child is on a special formula please bring a small supply with you to PCH.  This will give us time to acquire the specific formula if needed.

Formula Room

To maintain safety and security, specialized formulas for infants and children are prepared in the Formula Room from recipes provided by the Registered Dietitians. Formulas are prepared and distributed to the patient care units by Formula Room Technicians.

Eating in the Hospital 

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