Primary Children's Hospital

(801) 662-1000Map100 Mario Capecchi Dr.Salt Lake City, UT 84113

  • Primary Children's Hospital

    • 100 N. Mario Capecchi Dr.
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Main Number: 801-662-1000


The anesthesiologists at Primary Children's specialize in anesthesia services for children, from the tiniest newborn on up.  They are skilled in managing anesthesia for the medically complex child during difficult procedures.   They also provide inpatient pain management services and sedation for procedures not requiring complete anesthetization.

Service provided under the direction of Primary Children's Hospital. Physicians are in a private practice.

Christopher R. Miller, MD

Anesthesia Director:
W. Matt Clark, MD

Anesthesiologists at Primary Children's:
Barry J. Anderton, MD
McKay H. Bateman, MD
Michelle D. Bowlen, MD
Christine Chen, MD
Wm. Matt Clark, MD
Simon P. Durcan, MD
Marty L. Ericksen, MD
Daniel A. Evans, MD
Sheldon R. Furst, MD
Alan D. Gartrell, MD
G. Duggan Hannon, MD
Jeremy "Jay" M. Harnden, MD
Erin E. Hinich, MD
Eric A. Holley, MD
Nicole Jeffreys, MD
charels "Eddie" Liu, MD
Tamiko A. Long, MD
Christopher R. Miller, MD
John J. Mulroy, MD
Daniel A. Ness, MD
W. Curtis Peterson, MD
Amy N. Phelps, MD
Charles G. Pribble, MD
Robert L. Rayburn, MD
Matthew R. Seely, DO
Wade T. Smith, DO
Stephen P. Spanos, MD
David L. Tanner, MD
Bernard Van Ginkel, MD
James P. Viney, MD
Michael B. Welch, MD
K. Duff Yauney, MD


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