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Follow-up Nutrition Clinic

The Follow-Up Nutrition Clinic offers a team approach for children with a variety of nutritional problems, such as

  • Poor growth and / or weight gain
  • Failure to thrive
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Feeding problems
  • Eating disorders 
  • Food allergy / intolerance
  • Monitoring home IV and tube feedings

Team members include a pediatric gastroenterologist, a pediatrician, nurse coordinator, registered dietitian, and clinical social worker.

Patients may be referred to the clinic through their primary care physician, other hospitals or clinics, or after hospitalization at Primary Children's. The clinic serves as a link to other clinics and specialty services at Primary Children's while working closely with the patient's private physician to monitor progress. 

Medical Director: W. Daniel Jackson, MD

Service provided by Primary Children's Hospital. Physicians are faculty in the University of Utah School of Medicine or in private practice.

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